The Milkman

“My humble slave ******.

I have just received your letter here this morning and I am pleased that you enjoyed your personal audience here last Friday and I am also pleased that you would like to serve me in person again; we will arrange this as soon as you think that you are ready.

Yes, you have started learning and I am sure that quite soon you will be able to serve me in the correct and fitting manner.

You will see that I have selected some very special photographs suited to this early stage of your training for you to study.  I have enclosed a very special photograph of me dressed in my absolutely skin-tight ‘backless’, black, shiny PVC skirt which shows off every inch of my divine bottom and also my stocking tops perfectly!

I have also selected a very special photograph of me sitting on the stairs wearing my very special black, shiny, spike-heeled thigh boots while showing off both my huge brown nipples and my divine bottom.  These are for you to prepare yourself for worship at your next personal audience.


Lady Sonia”

Staring at these luxurious examples of Lady Sonia’s perfect femininity dressed purely for male arousal excited me beyond belief.  The fact that they had been hand-picked for me to observe and prepare myself for my next visit to my new Mistress made this even more exhilarating.  The photos were gloriously evocative of the pleasure that potentially lay ahead, although it was becoming clear that I had to start taking ‘worship’ as a career option more seriously.

Also enclosed were further instructions for my training.  This time the subject was ‘The Worship of My Huge Brown Nipples’ which seemed extremely detailed:

“I see my huge brown nipples as the sheer pinnacle of total female perfection and I am VERY proud of them and I LOVE to show them off properly!  The attention that they attract even when I am full dressed and out in public is incredible.  They do, of course, have to be looked after properly.  To keep my breasts nice and smooth and my nipples beautifully soft, even when they are fully erect and as hard as a rock, they need to be treated with large quantities of male sperm on a regular basis (at least once a week).  This is procured from male slaves who are lucky enough to be allowed to serve me in this exquisite and ultimate manner.  Sometimes this is carried out by ‘milking’ slaves and sometimes just by ordinary slaves, it just depends upon the situation at the time and my own particular needs.  My huge brown nipples are synonymous with the words ‘body worship’ in my eyes and it is true that the sperm of a male slave is an EXCELLENT treatment for any real lady’s breasts as it makes them so soft and smooth and I just LOVE the feel of a full load of hot, thick sperm being sprayed all over them.

To prepare you for your next audience I would like to describe one of the situations that you may experience if you are lucky enough to be called upon to carry out this special task for me.

I usually like to leave the room to get ready before you are called upon to worship my huge, brown nipples in the ultimate manner, so you might be left to clean and tidy my reception room while I go to my dressing room to prepare.  What I will be wearing on my return depends upon my mood.  I might decide to dress up in my riding things which are particularly effective for this type of activity.  I have a very tight pair of jodhpurs which go well with my six-inch patent, leather, spike-heeled, thigh boots, my black low-cut button fronted blouse and my black leather riding jacket.  When I walk into the room you will stop what you are doing and allow me to inspect your work, then I will sit on a wooden chair placed in the centre of the room while you stand in front of me totally naked.  I will then instruct you to take your cock into your hand and bring it to full erection.  The sight of my perfect female body encased in such alluring clothes, together with my inescapable aromatic perfume should provide ample stimulus.  I will reach out with my gloved hand to see if it is ready for such a task and make any necessary improvements.  You will then place one hand on your shaft and one under your testicles while you watch me prepare myself for the task ahead.

First of all I will start to open the buttons of my blouse from the top all the way down to the bottom then you will watch as I very slowly and carefully pull the blouse wide open to fully expose my perfectly rounded, firm breasts cupped in just a little black quarter-cup platform type bra.  I will slowly unclip it revealing the perfection of my huge brown nipples now nearly fully erect.  I will gently squeeze them together as you continue to massage your erect cock and will proceed to pull and twist my nipples before gently lifting my breasts one at a time to my mouth so I can lick and suck them to ensure full growth.  You will be instructed to lower your head and worship each nipple in turn as I present each breast to you.  It is essential that you obey my instructions by taking the full length of each nipple into your mouth and sucking each in turn using your tongue to tease and caress giving me the maximum pleasure possible.  My huge, brown nipples will now be at their maximum possible erection and ready for worship.  

You will then stand between my lovely long legs which will be wide open and I will arch my back so that my perfectly formed, large breasts and huge, brown nipples will be on full display and I will instruct you to prepare for your task.  You will begin to masturbate your cock slowly at first, but gathering pace faster and faster, until you are at your normal milking pace and then you will start to focus on where you are going to shoot your sperm.  I will have teased you sufficiently to ensure that your testicles are full but it is essential that you have enough sperm to soak each breast.  If you are in doubt you should just soak one properly.   You must also decide where to stand as I do not like sperm to splash onto my face, a crime that is severely punishable.  This is not a test to see how far you can shoot your sperm but the task of nipple worship is to adequately cover the required area so none should go to waste.  You will tell me when you are about to climax so that I can watch every second of your worship as your full load of sperm is deposited on my full breasts and erect nipples.  You should concentrate your aim to fully please me as the sperm splashing against such a sensitive area excites me greatly.  I will massage this special cream onto my beautiful breasts concentrating on applying it to my long, sturdy nipples while you recover your composure.  If you carry out this task properly you will be invited back to repeat the process, especially if your sperm results in my skin becoming softer and my nipples even more erect.”

And so, suitably prepared, I made my way to Lady Sonia’s house some two months later ready for worship.  I was greeted effusively by my goddess dressed as evocatively as usual.  I might have used the word ‘provocative’ but she would have perceived her appearance as entirely normal (in the line of duty possibly, but I, rather optimistically, was convinced that she dressed up just for me).  What followed was a salacious and totally compelling audience which sublimely engaged every one of my touch points.  I was suppressed, controlled, stimulated and aroused beyond anything I’d previously experienced.  I would never have believed that sexual excitement could be raised to this extreme level where sex was not involved.  How wrong I was.  This divine creature had such an influence over my sensibilities that I would have done anything for her.  Literally.  Luckily all she wanted on this occasion was a milkman……luckily a job I could handle.

Like several of my subsequent visits to my Mistress I was either sent to the playroom where I was restrained, deprived of my clothes and made to wait while Lady Sonia deliberated over her wardrobe choice.  It was no coincidence that the door was left open with full access to a mirror in the corridor that was positioned to allow me a complete view of her readying herself in her dressing room.  Although I was told specifically that I was to look straight ahead and contemplate the duties that lay ahead and would be punished if she ever caught me spying on her.  It meant my viewing had to be furtive as she could equally see me in the mirror.  I was the voyeur and knew that she was putting on a show that was deliberately designed to rouse my libido to epic proportions.  Watching her try on a range of exotic outfits before being satisfied that she was correctly attired for the task at hand was deeply arousing especially as I knew that she was essentially dressing for me (although she always maintained that she had to be dressed to her own personal satisfaction in order to hold an audience).

I was captivated by glimpses of her incredibly alluring body, clothed, half-clothed and nearly naked, always in the most provocative and revealing poses.  For a man that loved observing women dressed with sexual intent top of their mind, this was deeply captivating.  This theatre was accompanied by sound of zips, the faint rustle and squeaking of PVC and heels on wooden floorboards.  I was also intoxicated by the scent of seriously expensive perfume which drifted in the airwaves indicative of the feminine quality that abounded in this seductive space.  I was in heaven and full of unrequited lust and comfortable with being a captive..

This process would often last an hour or longer.  She was in absolutely no hurry and seemed to revel in the whole dressing up ritual.  She completely ignored me except to occasionally check in the mirror that I wasn’t looking in her direction.  Once she caught me and came into my room dressed in thigh length, spike-heeled boots, a see through top and the tiniest leather skirt you’ve ever seen and fitted me with a blindfold before spanking my bare thighs with a severe strap.  She then masturbated me for a few strokes and whispered in my ear that she was disappointed and required more obedience from her slaves.

When the moment finally came, so did I.  Under her instruction and entranced by the closeness of her female perfection merely inches from my yearning flesh she instructed me to masturbate and come all over her breasts making sure that my aim was concentrated on her nipples.  She lifted those gorgeous orbs of flesh so my tongue and mouth were able to suck, lick and gorge on her dark brown and extended nipples.  My hands were tied to the back of the chair so I was only able to touch and feel with my mouth yet this was deeply alluring.  Her hand rhythmically stroked my manhood lifting it in line with her chest ready for an inevitably explosive denouement.  What pushed me over the edge were her eyes which never left mine.  Beseeching.   The words ‘Come on and show me what a man you want to be’ have stayed with me for ever.