Enter a world unlike anywhere else in London 

Bordering on the calm and peaceful getaway that is Hyde Park, Mayfair is an affluent upscale area of London littered with lavish hotels, gourmet restaurants and world famous tailors and fashion houses. Take a stroll amongst the Georgian townhouses while holding hands with your premium escort on your way to have a lovely meal at one of the five-star-restaurants that Mayfair has to offer or take a bus and explore the more regal sites of the surrounding area as you gawk at the sizable beauty that is Buckingham Palace, one thing cannot be argued: Mayfair has more than enough to offer. 

Whether it’s the upscale style of living that has attracted you to Mayfair or you’re here on business strictly, what will keep you in the area is neither of those options; it’s escorts. If you’re well established in the escort network, you will already know that Mayfair has been a hotspot for escorting for quite a while now and there are a multitude of reasons for this. First of all, the upscale style of the area makes it a wonderful and sometimes magical setting for a romantic date, especially if said date involves one of the gorgeous Georgian townhouses that surround every street in Mayfair. Second, the area is home to quite a few of the incall apartments that some of our escorts like to use for encounters; this is for a similar reason: The accommodation in this area is not only generously sized and gorgeous but it is also in a great location to be accessed from most of London. 

A prestigious area calls for company of the same stature! 

It is near common knowledge at this point that Mayfair has established itself as one of the - if not the - most prestigious areas of London. Whether that is because of the unusually high number of millionaires living in the area, its beautiful artisan shops or the general aesthetic of the area - or if all of those combined -, doesn’t matter. When you’re surrounded by such majestic buildings and people, it’s only right that you would share the company of someone of a similar status. 

If you find yourself in these shoes, look no further for your entertainment solutions than Blue Monday of London! For over 12 years now, Blue Monday has been known as The agency which provides a luxury escort service for all of London and that is not going to change anytime soon. We have looked through every nook and cranny of London, and will continue to do so, to make sure that we only connect you with the most professional, high quality escorts for your convenience. 

Whether you’re looking for a deeply stimulating and intimate Girlfriend Experience where you may be cradled by your date as you softly hold each-other into the night with a softly caring brunette or if you’re looking for a more standard but no less passionately steamy encounter under the covers with a bubbly blonde or even if you’re just trying to find a luxury redhead to take with you to a business dinner; Blue Monday has everything you’re looking for - and more! 

How to book a luxury escort in Mayfair? 

Booking an escort can be an incredibly finicky and stress-inducing process, especially when you’re in the market for a luxury experience, a kind only a few agencies can try to even offer. For this reason alone, Blue Monday has taken extreme care and attention to detail when it comes to our booking process! We have worked tirelessly to iterate on the already existing booking process norms to make sure that it is only the smoothest possible, for your convenience! 

With Blue Monday, all you need to do is browse one of our exquisite galleries for a girl (or two) that suits your desired needs. Whether to you, that means a soft spoken and quiet girl for a comfortable night drinking wine or for a bubbly and outgoing soul to dance with at a party, once you have picked a girl, the process is all the same! Simply give us a call on one of our two numbers and your call will be answered by one of our professional, English speaking call-handlers who will guide you through the booking process and tell you everything you need to know before your date. You will also have a chance to submit any of your queries, questions or special requests you may have for your date. 

We also have a point of contact via email but we kindly ask our clients to only use email as a form of contact when they are trying to make a reservation or future booking as we don’t monitor our emails as vigilantly as we do with our call lines. 

Once you have done either of these, rest assured because you have nothing else left to do except get ready for your date and enjoy it!