Why are Blonde Escorts the best? 

Blonde has been one of the go-to hair colours for men since the dawn of time. Whether you’re into your blonde beauties, bombshells or heartthrobs, if you tell me that you cannot appreciate a gorgeous, luscious head of golden blonde hair, I will assume you’re lying to me. Lean into the wonderful world that is the presence of a magical blonde escort who will guide you through a journey of intense pleasure and lukewarm comfort. Immerse yourself in the arms of a blonde escort while enjoying an incredible GFE or slip away into the dark night over a glass of wine with a party escort, the choice is yours. 

Being the capital of England, London has a near countless list of opportunities for you to enjoy some quality time out, exploring the depths of London or taking a trip into the past and viewing some of the most important historical sites in the entire country, it’s no lie to say that when in London, you’re spoilt for choice. 

Explore London with a babe that will turn heads! 

In a city of its endless nooks and crannies, it can be easy to feel lost without a guide. Why not kill two birds with one stone and assure your entertainment and your guide within a single booking? Every girl that Blue Monday is lucky enough to represent is someone who has not only been local to London for a while now but also is someone who knows this city better than the palm of their hands. Whether your tastes lie within cosy holes-in-the-walls or lavish 5-star dining opportunities, you will certainly find a girl who can show you some of the best places for either in town. 

Take a stroll in the green fields of Hyde Park hand in hand with your magical blonde escort or take them for an academically intriguing tour of the Museum of Natural History while gawking at the awe inspiring exhibits before taking your date for a exquisite rooftop bar to enjoy a few drinks before finally letting the night finish with a few hours of intimate fun under the sheets, clouding up the windows; all with an intoxicatingly beautiful blonde escort by your side. 

Enjoy the quality that Blue Monday is known for - with a premium blonde by your side!

Nobody wants to get a subpar experience and this mindset applies to escorts more than anything else. When you’re in the business of company, comfort and entertainment, there is simply no point in settling for less than enough. After all, who would want to spend a lengthy date with a girl they simply are not attracted to or get on with? This is why at Blue Monday we have devised a system that assures and prioritises your enjoyment and pleasure, over anything else. If you feel lost on who to pick or are unsure about which girl would best suit your needs, just give us a call! We know every girl rather closely, so our team of helpful call handlers will be able to recommend you a girl that is just right for you. 

Preference is another key building block to a wonderful escort experience which we take very seriously, which is why we have worked tirelessly to make sure that Blue Monday is an agency that represents a wide range of girls from all over the world, all the best in their fields. 

How to book a VIP Blonde Escort in London? 

If you can feel yourself slipping away into a fantasy world of mouthwatering blondes servicing you in the best ways possible, why not take the first step into this world and look to book a date of your own? It’s rather simple and will not take you longer than a few minutes! 

All you need to do is pick one of our intoxicating blonde models to take on a date with and give us a call on one of our two contact numbers! Your call will be answered by one of our experienced, English speaking call handlers who will guide you through the booking process and get you more than prepared for your date. You will also have a chance to submit any special requests or queries you may have, so if you have something special in mind, this will be your chance to make it known! 

Once you have done this, rest easy because you have nothing else left to do except prepare for your date and enjoy it!