Explore Little Cairo with a hot babe by your side 

Edgware road and its surrounding area is known for many things: independent shops, boutiques and the countless shisha cafes and bars. The latter is the origin for the nickname the area got, “Little Cairo” inspired by the similar features of Cario itself. This area is also commonly known for its rich arabic culture as most of the residents are of arabic descent. 

Edgware road is also littered with great Lebanese eating places - a true hotspot of culture from the Middle East, there are countless great eateries and bars to spend your nights in - but don’t get yourself in the trap of enjoying all this great stuff alone; book a premium model from Blue Monday of London for your travels! 

Take your Edgware Road escort for a coffee while you get to know her, and enjoy a sweet conversation over a cappuccino as you figure out your matching interests. As the day progresses, let your date evolve into a cute and romantic time at Hyde Park where you can feed the ducks with some cosy lunch. Then, when you finally get bored of the relaxing and calm atmosphere of Hyde Park, you could take your night to one of the countless bars and pubs in the area where you can really loosen up and start dancing with your blazing hot Edgware Road escort. Then, when the night has exhausted itself, finish your date with a sensual passionate time under the sheets in your hotel room. 

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How to book a hot escort from Edgware Road? 

Booking an escort has always been a finicky fiasco. Especially in the olden days, you had to worry about dodgy pimps, and unhygienic girls and on top of that, you would have to spend weeks trying to find a girl you’re actually attracted to and she might not even be offering the service you were looking for! Thankfully, this absolutely appalling way of booking an Edgware Road escort is nothing but a thing of the past. In today’s day and age, all you need to do is browse one of the esteemed and curated galleries of the most professional and hot escorts that we can connect you with in the area of London. 

Once you have picked a girl who tickles your fancy and you’d like to spend a date with, simply give us a call on one of our two contact numbers. Your call will be answered by one of our professional call handlers who will take you through the booking process and inform you of everything you may need to know to prepare for your date. During this call, you will also have an opportunity to make any special requests or ask any questions you may have about your date. Once this is all done and dusted, worry not because you have nothing else to do but prepare for your date and enjoy it! 

We also have an email address for contact, but we would like to ask all of our clients to reserve our email address for future bookings only. We don’t monitor our emails as often as we do with our phones, so if you’d like to make a booking today, please don’t hesitate to call us.