Why are tall escorts so popular?

Firstly, their statuesque frames provide an aura of sophistication and sexiness that no other escort can match. Their long legs and slim figures are the perfect accompaniment to their curves and often hourglass figures, making them the ultimate physical beauties irresistible to London gentlemen.

All of our tall escorts bring confidence and poise to the table, with their height giving them an air of authority and dominance. For men that find this alluring, a tall escort can make the perfect dominatrix, not afraid to take control and highly thrilling for those looking to indulge in a night of passion. 

Blue Monday’s ladies are supermodels.

Not only could our tall London escorts be supermodels, but they also love to explore various realms of pleasure. Our tantra masseuses are the perfect option if you are looking for a more relaxing experience in London. It is spine-tingling to imagine long-legged beauty working its way down your back and into other places!

Whether you prefer curvy blondes or charming brunettes, we have a tall escort for any occasion, be that travel or for a bit of adventure. Whoever you choose, you can guarantee all your desires will be fulfilled by our envy-inducing models.

Perfect Dates in London

Showing off a lady with supermodel looks in the right place is a must, with girls as gorgeous as these. If you’re struggling with date ideas in London, a dinner date is always a great option and allows you to get to know an escort better. Discover more about each other personalities and passions in these elite bars & restaurants in central London:

  • The Perception at W London
  • Boyds Grill & Wine Bar
  • Clos Maggiore
  • The Northall

How to Book

Simply browse through our gallery of tall escorts and find the one you are attracted to most. Be sure they have the services you desire and are available, and then you can head to our booking page to meet the supermodel of your fantasies!