A district of grandiose proportions

If you hadn't the luck of hearing or visiting Kensington previously, prepare to have your mind blown if you are due to visit for the first time. Kensington is riddled with gorgeous Victorian styled housing and multiple other key locations such as the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and the Royal Albert Hall are all just a few of the countless gorgeous places to spend your valuable time visiting. If educational visits are not your favourite past time, Kensington offers a nearly endless list of restaurants and dining opportunities that even the most picky eaters will find themselves falling in love with. Whether you're a fan of Japanese sushi, European traditional meals or Mexican food, Kensington will never bore you, that's for sure!

With opportunities this varied, it's only natural to think - who would you be sharing these moments with? We understand that not many people visit Kensington, and even fewer come here with their families as most of Kensington's new faces are business related. It's safe to say that when you're in a new place on your own, it can be quite intimidating and even worse - lonely. Well, Blue Monday of London is here to help! We pride ourselves on representing the hottest and most professional models and escorts which provide you with the best company and entertainment you could possibly have in all of Kensington.

Girls of the most luxurious kind

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How to book a Kensington date?

Well, as mentioned before, we can't help much with one aspect of booking a date - and that is actually picking the girl you wish to see. But, once you have picked a girl who you quite like, simply give us a call on this or this number where our team of experienced call handlers will answer your call and guide you through what to do to get ready for your dream date. Once that is done, you have nothing else to do but be excited for your date! We can also be contacted via email, but please note that our email response times may be slower so we kindly ask that you only use email for reserve bookings.