Captivity (Pt 3)

My audiences with Lady Sonia were not frequent but I longed for them.  She was a busy lady and getting a date for an ‘audience’ required patience.  It is of no surprise that, following my last intoxicating visit, I was desperate to see her again, but sadly this was not able to be arranged for a further three months.  I am greatly in debt to her that some years later she let me have a copy of her diary entries for my visits to her.  I still have them as they are pleasing evidence that she seemed to enjoy them as much as I did, although always in her capacity as my Mistress.  This status and hierarchy never changed and remains the reason why these encounters were so erotic and powerful.  Having someone so beautiful and powerful controlling your sexuality is something that has remained deeply imbedded in my psyche ever since.

“It has become apparent that X is particularly keen to see me again.  He has barely stopped writing to me for a month.  His eagerness implies that he is suited to prolonged cock treatment so I have arranged for him to come to me for a VERY long session so I can make FULL use of him and give him an experience that he will NEVER forget.  It is a pleasure being with a slave with an enticing cock, it makes a change from the many inadequate men who come to me to be belittled about their inadequacies.  X is a real man who has already demonstrated his proficiency at providing me with ample milk for my beauty purposes, although he is a bit too cocky for his own good and needs to be taken down a peg or two!  I will take care of him and look forward to observing the effect my beauty has on his over-active cock which seems to get far too aroused in my presence.  I intend to teach him the need for patience and control.

He arrived and was greeted by me dressed in an ultra-skin tight black latex micro skirt, black seamed hold-up type stockings and black suede thigh boots (the skirt was far too tight to wear any panties underneath) and a very delicate black lace half-cup bra which was low-cut enough to leave some of the brown edges of the aureole of my huge brown nipples fully exposed as well as maximising and lifting my bulging cleavage.  Over this I wore a black button-fronted ultra-low-cut blouse to really show off my perfect breasts to full perfection.  When wearing a bra of this type I have to be very careful not to move too suddenly or my round, firm breasts actually might bounce out of it.  I knew that as soon as I opened the door he would glimpse my full cleavage, although I had previously made him very aware that he wasn’t allowed to look or dwell on such female perfection, this deprivation would be punishment enough for his fertile mind.  I needed to put him firmly in his place.

When we were in the lounge I told him to sit in the black leather arm chair that I had purposely placed in the middle of the room.  I wanted to see whether his over-eager member was growing in the front of his trousers as I suspected he was struggling to keep it under control.  I stood in silence in front of him for 5 minutes and told him to control himself.  I explained that his excitement must be kept to a minimum to find favour with me as I was not in the mood for frivolity.  I moved right in front of him and keeping my lovely long legs perfectly straight I leaned forward at the waist and put my hands on the leather arms of the chair so I was leaning immediately in front of him, tantalisingly close with my cleavage only inches from his face.  I looked down into his lap and sighed at the bulge that had suddenly appeared.  I told him I was disappointed in him and knew what treatment was required.  I reached down and carefully undid his zip and reached inside.  I grasped the head of his now fully erect cock and gave it a gentle squeeze.  I knew that I was going to have a lot of fun with this young man.  I gently dug my long, red, sharp nails into his erect shaft just to give him a thrill but also to imply a sense of danger……He would have done well to have paid attention.

I told him that he was only fit for my dungeon, but first led him into my dressing room, where I ordered him to remove his clothes.  His cock was so erect that it was forcing the cotton of his pants so far forward that the material was pulling hard into the crease of his bottom.  I ordered him to remove his pants and come and stand in front of me.  His large, impressive cock was straining in front of him like solid granite and I could see its head quivering as he stood with his hands behind his back as I instructed.  I asked him if he had anything to say.  He appeared nervous and was clearly over-excited as he stuttered an apology for being far too aroused, his weak defence was that he couldn’t help himself.  I quickly retorted that he could help himself and told him that I didn’t accept his apology.  I led him to the dungeon knowing that he could see the perfect cheeks of my bottom swaying in front of him and I made sure that my skirt rode up giving him a glimpse of my plush lips which I knew were easily visible from behind.  

I decided that his over-excitement needed to be dealt with so I ordered him to sit on my special saddle that was on a podium right in the middle of the room facing the full-length mirror on the wall in front of him and with a pully immediately above it.  I cuffed his ankles to the stirrup-like fixtures at the base of the podium which pulled his bare bottom hard onto the leather saddle, then tied some rope through the stirrups and secured both of his hands behind his back so he was now secured and unable to move his legs or his arms.  I wanted him to be powerless to prevent any intervention that I might deem appropriate.  I also wanted him to understand what it was like to be totally in my command if he disobeyed me.  He was a young upstart who thought I was easy pickings.  If he thought that just because he paid for my time I would show him that this wasn’t a game and he needed to show some humility before I would allow him to touch me, let alone relieve himself of his inappropriate excitement.

I went to my cupboard and took out a selection of cock rings of different sizes and for full effect pulled on my skin tight black latex gloves which come right up to my elbows.  I tried several of the rings on his cock for size and eventually found one that slid tightly down the shaft to the base.  I forced it down as far as it would go, hard up against his balls then I used a thin leather strap to hold it tightly in place around the base of his testicles.  This had the effect of keeping his cock erect but I wanted to ensure that he had a means of exciting himself without using is captive hands.  I selected a leather collar which was attached to a short lead with a small noose at one end.  I fitted the collar round his neck and slipped the noose around his cock.  The lead was short enough so that if he ever moved his neck backwards it would lift his still erect cock higher into the air for further arousal.  These fittings were designed to ensure that his excitement would be hard to contain.  My punishment for him being over-excited was to see if he could maintain such arousal for a considerable period of time.

I left the room and returned to my dressing room and removed my tight latex micro skirt and blouse so I was left in just my black seamed hold-up style stockings and black suede thigh boots and a very delicate little half-cup lace bra and, of course, no panties.  I returned to the dungeon with my cordless phone.  The effect of my nearly naked female perfection and my huge brown nipples and bouncing firm, round breasts had an immediate effect on his captive cock which stiffened further in its confinement.  I dialled my friend Mistress Amber as I sat on the podium only inches from my confined slave so he could inhale my intoxicating scent.  I confirmed our arrangements for the late afternoon as I had arranged to go to a party with a group of milking slaves in a nearby town.  I described the scene in front of me and my slave’s predicament which greatly pleased Mistress Amber and told her that I would be ready to leave in 30 minutes.  My slave was showing signs of alarm that he was to be left to contemplate life in my absence.  I’m not sure he really believed that I would leave him bound in a cock ring with only his lead to keep him amused.  I looked him in the eye and placed my gloved hand round his still erect shaft and slowly masturbated him while I explained that he was to contemplate his behaviour in my absence and also to think about what might be in store for him upon my return.  I could tell that the effect of my hand’s experienced rhythm and tightness on his shaft was about to result in his release, so I stopped and told him I must prepare myself.  I left the room shutting the door behind me and didn’t look back.  He was mine to deal with later”

So, here I was confined, unable to move my hands or feet, with a cock ring tightly applied to my penis and balls which excited me just by its application, not to mention a lead tied around my neck so if I moved my head upwards it further raised and excited my cock.  I had not planned for this captivity, was in a strange environment and had no idea when my mistress might return.  I was to be tested as never before.  All I had to contemplate was what my Mistress might do to me upon her return.  The prospect of this kept my spirits and something else up until her return several hours later……….It was agony and ecstasy………