Coupling Pt1

I was slowly becoming more confident.  The things that had happened to date were so thrilling but they were definitely not the standard reference points for any man’s natural development into adulthood.  I had inadvertently stumbled into a world where the normal motivations for sex had become blurred by the sheer thrill and excitement of illicit, pre-planned sex in unusual and extremely erotic situations.  This had set rather a high bar and, in the high jump of life, the height only goes up as the competition intensifies………

Things were also progressing well career-wise.  I ran a number of successful campaigns and had been promoted.  I now had a company car and was much more flexible.  I was still incompetent at trying to form normal relationships with women but at least now knew I wasn’t completely incompetent in the bedroom.  Reassuring perhaps, but probably the wrong way round in the virtuous circle of life.

So, I continued to reply to advertisements from strangers of various denominations and proclivities via a selection of ‘trusty’ contact magazines.  I was better at presenting myself and thought this would increase the success rate.  While it appeared to have no effect on the quantity of responses it was about to improve the quality……

I received a reply from a couple who lived in up-market Weybridge in Surrey.  It was a very nice, warm and friendly note which outlined a scenario in which they wished to introduce some extra spice into their marriage.  They wished to find a young man who was trustworthy, discrete, intelligent and virile who might like to join them for an occasional tryst.  Although they made it clear that they would like to meet me first before being able to guarantee that I was the chosen one.  This was exciting.  Although I’d encountered the odd itinerant husband before, they had always been ‘sleeping partners’ and had never interfered with any of their partners’ fraternising.  I wasn’t quite sure how such a scenario would evolve, but I wanted to find out.  I was slightly concerned that it might compromise my committed heterosexuality but I pushed this to the back of my mind and willingly thrust myself forward for consideration.

Pleasingly I was asked to come for an ‘interview’.  This was to be conducted at their house at 8pm one mid-week evening.  Apparently the ‘children’ would be in bed and we wouldn’t be disturbed.  Children?  That hadn’t crossed my mind……but, of course, couples do procreate!  They also have reasons that might derail their sex lives; I guessed children might be high on such a list.  Although, I was to find out something else as well.  Up-market, classy, altruistic couples that decide to spice up their lives have one particular strength.  They talk.  They’ve debated what they need to add extra excitement to their lives and have come to a mutual agreement which allows for certain things to happen which will cause no jealousy and no recriminations.  They’re in agreement.  Another factor became apparent as soon as I arrived…..

I was greeted at the door of a very expensive house in one of the best roads in stockbroker belt Surrey, by a charming man called Tony who was possibly mid-50’s, slightly greying, but very well-dressed, every inch a successful and affable business man.  He welcomed me effusively.  I was glad I’d made a bit of an effort to wear the best my wardrobe could offer.  The house was palatial; I was whisked into a plush living room with deep carpets, chintz fabrics and impressive furniture.  I was offered a drink and gladly accepted, I was feeling a little out of place.  I was told that Debbie was upstairs briefing the nanny and ‘getting ready’.  I was clearly to be interviewed in advance by the master of the house………

Tony quickly put me at ease.  He told me that Debbie was a lot younger than he was and he was keen for her to ‘have some fun’.  He also openly admitted that he was struggling to keep up with her demands in the bedroom and they’d decided that there was no harm in Debbie having a special ‘friend’.  He quickly made it clear that this would be under his supervision and he might enjoy watching.  This might have fazed some people, but I didn’t miss a beat.  The prospect of being watched excited me……..

He wanted to know a bit about me and it quickly became apparent that we worked in fields that were connected.  He told me a bit about his company and its success.  I told him about my employers and their attempts to nurture success.  He told me about the two very expensive cars he kept in his garage and I told him about my Mini Cooper.  He liked the fact that I was a protégé and was working my apprenticeship.  He liked my spirit of adventure.  I liked his wife.

After about 20 minutes of our bonding chat the door opened and a vision of total unadulterated loveliness entered the room.  Debbie was a knock-out.  A gorgeous blonde with shoulder length, wavy hair, exotic features and a slim physique.  Tony made a kind introduction and I blushed.  He was very complimentary about me and I felt like I’d just been handed a promotion and a substantial pay rise.  I felt as if I’d got the job and caught Tony giving Debbie a look of approval as I glanced at a Venetian mirror hanging above the fireplace.   Apparently the nanny was in her flat and we wouldn’t be disturbed.  This information provided by the mother of the house was loaded with promising innuendo.  No one likes disturbance, especially with an erection.

Debbie sat next to me on the sofa and asked me if I felt comfortable.  I gulped; her very close proximity seemed to indicate that she was determined that I should be able to smell her delicate and aromatic scent.  It was like smelling roses in a traditional English country garden.  I felt like I needed an urgent cold shower but no bathroom was available.  This woman was exquisite and was looking into my eyes as if to examine the soul of my libido.  We’d hardly spoken yet there was a magnetic force…….

Tony made small talk.  Backgrounds, relationships, hobbies, families, holidays and Debbie’s need for sex.  This was raised as if it was a cursory addition to a shopping list.  Debbie needed more sex and wanted to find a man capable of accompanying her to Waitrose to do the heavy lifting.  Debbie felt I needed reassurance so took my hand, looked me in the eye and said ‘I like you, are you man enough to satisfy me?’ without a hint of embarrassment.  During previous incompetent encounters I’d learned that stammering wasn’t very attractive, so this time I was assertive.  ‘Debbie, I can’t think of anything I’d like more’.  Within three seconds of these words leaving my mouth I felt her hand on my groin searching for evidence that I was telling the truth.  I was and Debbie seemed very keen to see what might be in store for her.  She unzipped me, placed her hand inside and gave me a friendly squeeze.  Suddenly I was fully erect and straining to be released.  A situation made worse as she moved closer and kissed me full on the lips with a hint of a probing tongue.  The situation almost reached crisis point when she took my hand and placed it on one of her breasts.  I looked over her shoulder as if in need of Tony’s approval.  I’d never been fondling another man’s wife in the presence of her husband before.  It felt only polite to seek some sort of permission.  I needn’t have worried Tony was grinning like a Cheshire cat and had unzipped himself and appeared to be masturbating.  Was I dreaming?!

Apparently not as Debbie had started to undress herself.  A blouse, a skirt, shoes, a bra all hit the floor with grace, elegance and some conviction.  My wardrobe followed suit…….items being scattered without finesse, randomly discarded as lust precluded any thoughts of civility.  At this moment something happened which appeared to be part of this married couple’s etiquette.  It was the final signing of the contract, the rubber stamp.  The rubber, full stop.  Tony appeared over my shoulder and handed me a durex.  It was like a man being given the keys to his first house.  Ownership.  He said only two words ‘Enjoy her’ and then went back to his own sofa, another island in this sea of passion.   Acquiescence, permission, endorsement and empowerment.  A licence - for adultery. 

I was soon positioned above this gorgeous creature who was urging me to enter her as a matter of some critical importance.  Instructions were delivered with impunity.  I took the mother of the house on her indulgent soft furnishings.  I entered with great gusto and proceeded to ride with enormous pent-up power.  I was struck by the realisation of an additional, exultant aphrodisiac.  I felt as if I was putting on a show for the husband.  I badly wanted to show him that I could handle his gorgeous wife and that he needed to see that I could deliver what he couldn’t.  It was with this voracious desire and motivation that I embarked on an intense and prolonged fornication with another man’s wife.  Perhaps it was the sense of infidelity or of feeling like a hired stud that made me so rampant.  Debbie was in a parallel universe.  I lost count of the times she squealed, screamed, said my name with profanities attached and said she was coming.  This was accompanied by a masculine moan from another piece of accessorised furniture which seemed to amount to male affirmation.

They both seemed extremely pleased with me.  I left feeling that the interview had gone well and that I’d got the job