A Religious Conversion

I was now in my late 20’s and found an escape from my illicit sexual manoeuverings when I met a lovely girl from Lancashire at a work function and rather liked her.  She was a bundle of fun, intelligent, articulate and naughty.  She had a glint in her eye, was mystifyingly single and we got on like a house with flames coming out of the roof.  This was my first serious relationship and one which taught me lots of things about myself and about what I wanted (and what I didn’t).  She liked me and although we never moved in together we spent more and more time together.  She also liked sex.  Lots of it and often with an edge.  I remember one famous session where I covered her with trifle and spent a long time licking it off her whole body, concentrating on some very specific nooks and crannies which seemed to sate her hunger for me and my sweet tooth.  I then went for seconds and applied a coating to her lower abdomen while applying myself with custard and jelly for extra lubrication.  A messy feast which ended in such tumult that only those with a serious dessert fixation could possibly comprehend the joyful conjugation.

We went out for 18 months but it was my first taste of commitment but far from hers.  She understood the sacrifices that needed to be made for a serious relationship to work far better than I did.  She wanted to formalise the relationship and I felt trapped.  It ended sadly and badly with me having to tell her that I wasn’t the one for her and I knew she was mortified.  I felt sad and ashamed that I’d let her down and knew, deep down, that I didn’t want to have to disappoint someone like this ever again.

But I’d proved to myself that I could shirk my illicit sexual urgings and have an uncompromised, serious relationship with no indiscretions, no cheating and with total loyalty.  This allowed me to feel vaguely normal and gave me some reassurance that, if I ever found myself in this situation again, I could easily switch off my philandering and revert to ‘normality’.  A good theory but my sexuality was rather more awake than I had given it credit for. 

Suddenly a single man again I soon realised that I missed the allure and excitement of having a salacious interlude to look forward to……..I reverted back to the old routine.  Magazines and personal ads - my go-to release.  It wasn’t long before I found myself intrigued by a particularly interesting ad that appeared to be using words out of their familiar context.  Of course I was aware of the need for ‘training’ and ‘personal development’.  I also understood the practice of ‘worship’, although it must be said I was hardly devout.  I was intrigued, so sent off my normal reply with the famously graphic photo.  What happened next wasn’t quite what I had expected.  It appeared as if ‘training’ was definitely available, although possibly not for the benefit of my CV.  My libido certainly but not entirely for the enhancement of my business credentials.  I’d never taken religion too seriously but I was about to find a Goddess that I definitely wanted to worship……..I was about to undergo a religious conversion.

The reply came in a typed letter from Miss Sonia who lived in a small village in Lincolnshire:

“Dear Prospective Slave xxxxx

I will start this letter by saying that I have looked upon your request with favour and I have decided to allow you the benefit of my experience if this is what you REALLY desire.  I expect that you will be a little surprised with the length and detail of this letter especially if all you are used to is a scribbled message or even just a phone number quickly scrawled on the back of your replies.  I am a VERY special lady and my training and use of a submissive slave is VERY comprehensive and I do not want you making the mistake of confusing me with any other so-called Mistress you may have had any dealings with before!  To start with I will introduce myself to you.  My name is Sonia, Lady Sonia to inferiors who wish to avail themselves to my control.  I am twenty five years old, six feet tall in my beautiful long, spike-heeled stilettos and my SUPERB, flawless, silky smooth figure is a perfect 36D-22-34 which I am sure that you will just BEG to be allowed to worship in a manor suited to a lady like myself!  You will very soon see that there are several VERY important facts that separate me from most of the other ‘so-called’ superior females you might have seen before.  For example of lot of slaves get VERY excited by my huge brown nipples which are almost a full inch long when fully erect!  I am SHEER and TOTAL female perfection.  However, I will warn you now that I am a lady of genuine quality, class, style and breeding so unless you are seeking something VERY special then I am not the lady for you!

I am fully aware of the power that my divine bottom commands as I walk through a packed room wearing a skin tight, thin black latex micro skirt which is stretched so tightly it shows off EVERY single curve and the classic sway of my strong hips.  I can feel the power that I have over the eyes that are FORCED to look at and follow my perfectly shaped, lovely long legs as I walk down a busy street in my skin tight, black calf leather spike heeled thigh boots and a zip-up black leather micro skirt that is so tiny that it would almost pass as a belt.  My lovely long legs are sheer perfection especially when encased in sheer, black silk seamed stockings!  I am full aware of how my perfectly shaped 36 inch ‘D’ cup breasts can totally and utterly mesmerise as I walk through a room dressed just in a hand-made half-cup black, shiny PVC bra or in a VERY thin, low-cut silk blouse with no bra at all so that my perfectly shaped firm round breasts can be seen bouncing and swaying gently as I move with my huge, prominent nipples pushing hard into the fine material COMPLETELY on display!  I soon learned from an early age that certain Females had a special form of power which could be asserted by a REAL lady over the weaker sex and this was evident to me even while I was still at finishing school and it is this that has led me to seek weak male slaves who would like to dedicate themselves to worshipping a REAL female Goddess.”       

The note went on to describe various ways in which this training could be undertaken.  Either by a VERY special, FULLY DETAILED postal training course, “Which I DO NOT want you to confuse with any other half-hearted, rip-off attempts at training that are very popular at the moment.”  Apparently many different types of training were available and were personalised to your personal needs.  “Each individual lesson consists of my personally written lesson itself which is, of course, FULLY detailed with NOTHING at all left out to make sure that you learn EVERYTHING properly (usually at least 15-16 full size A4 pages).  It also includes accounts of my personal experiences together with a FULL photo-set to accompany the tasks that must be carried out in full.”   All for the measly price of £5 (some years ago).  Apparently also available was a series of telephone training for £10 and, should you be feeling really lavish a video training course which had become “VERY, VERY popular especially as each video is produced to cover your own particular needs” and included not only a video tape, but also a FULLY DETAILED written lesson together with an item of personal lingerie, all for the bargain basement price of £15.

However, it was the next paragraph that really caught my eye.  “I can also arrange personal audiences as well to select slaves who have received and studied one of my training courses and pleased me, but I will warn you that I am a VERY exclusive lady and they are arranged on a VERY personal and exclusive basis!”

“No matter what type of training you decide upon it is VERY important that I know EVERYTHING that excites you so that I can use this to my advantage and take you to new levels of understanding and excitement which I KNOW you will NEVER EVER have experienced before! Usually there are several different subjects that excite male slaves.  Whatever it is that excites you my slave it is vital that I MUST know every tiny, little detail!  Any pathetic attempts at withholding any of you little kinks or perversions from your Mistress WILL NOT be tolerated!

I await your DETAILED request and even if you are a total beginner you could not POSSIBLY be in better hands!  I will allow you to make your choice and if you feel that any of my training programmes could help you to serve the superior sex in a fitting manner then I will await your begging letter so that YOUR experience can begin.

Your Mistress

Lady Sonia”   

Although this scenario was fraught with all sort of issues related to ‘fraud’ and ‘misrepresentation’ there was something about the whole thing that captivated me.  I willingly paid £5, wrote a detailed letter and waited.

I was about to undergo a religious conversion……….and little did I know the zealot I was about to become.