Captivity (Pt 2)

When she left I wasn’t sure if this was just a ruse to test my fortitude.  But as the minutes ticked by I realised that this was for real, Lady Sonia had left me a restrained captive in her dungeon and I had no idea when she’d be back.  Luckily, she had slackened off some of the restraints before she left but I was still bound to the saddle on the podium right in the middle of the room with a collar round my neck which was connected to a leash which stretched down to a tight harness which was fastened to my c***and b*** So, every time I raised my head the sheath lifted my c*** into an erect position.  If I moved my head up and down repetitively it had the effect of masturbation.  Not that my c*** need much arousing as, being surrounded by many implements of pain and pleasure and surrounded by Lady Sonia’s scent which lingered everywhere, I found myself in a state of almost constant excitement.  My mind was alive with the rich and deeply alluring possibilities that existed upon her return; the trouble was I had no idea when this would be.  I was seriously in fertile captivity with absolutely no control over my destiny.  I was to learn the meaning of the word ‘servitude’.

Lady Sonia’s diary takes up the story:

“I had been gone for almost three hours and I smiled to myself knowing that the waiting slave could hear the front door close behind me!  I knew that he could hear my stiletto heels on the stairs and, as I opened the door, I laughed at what appeared to be his still fully erect cock stretched out before him in the harness, causing him a great amount of discomfort.  I had no idea if he had been erect for three hours but I knew that he was pleased to see me!  I walked over to him and released him from his cock and ball captivity.  I ran my expert fingers the full length of his shaft just to tease him.  Then I walked out of the room to change.  I decided to put on just a pair of hold-up type back fishnet stockings, my suede spike heeled thigh boots and my long black skin tight satin gloves and nothing else.  

As I walked back into my dungeon I stood behind the slave so he could see all of my SUPERB figure in the full-length mirror as I untied the rope bindings from his arms and wrists and instructed him to move them around to get rid of any stiffness and cramp from being restrained for so long.  I then released the ankle cuffs from the base of the podium and told him to walk over to the wall to get his blood moving again.  It was evident where most of his blood was and he clearly needed a distraction.  So, I took the lead which was still attached to his neck and led him into the bathroom and ordered him to run a bath and I poured lots of bubble bath into the water to make it foamy and ordered him to get in and sit down.  I told him to soap himself thoroughly (everywhere) and offered him a thick, cotton towel to dry himself.  After he was dry I applied powder to his whole body, except his private parts which I made him tend to himself.  I then led him back into the dungeon and made him lie on his back on the floor with his head on a small cushion.  I carefully positioned myself and squatted hard over his face and instructed him to serve me fully with his tongue.  To encourage him I grasped his balls and tightened my grip until he was sufficiently pleasing me.  However, I was not satisfied with his efforts and had to clamp my hand tightly around his scrotum to get him to improve his efforts.  I also had to squeeze my strong thighs around his face and ordered him to force his tongue to become more attentive as I rode myself up and down while teasing my fully erect, delicate clitoris with my expert fingers.  As things became intense I reached down and gripped his large strong shaft with my long red nails and ordered him to try harder if he wanted any chance of having his frustrations released.   His tongue now worked like a piston in and out of my sweet tight vagina as I rubbed my now very erect clit over his chin, this had the effect of making me climax hard and loud.  I released the pressure of my thighs a little but instructed him to kiss my outer vaginal lips to thank me for the undoubted and privileged pleasure of being allowed to bring his mistress to climax.   

I instructed him to stand under my suspension frame with his back to the wall while I secured the black leather cuffs from two large steel eyelets which protruded from the floor, to his ankles.  These were some distance apart and meant that he had to spread his legs widely, he also couldn’t now make any move to touch me as I was just out of reach.  I deliberately kept his hands free.  I pulled up a chair in front of him, sat on it and looked him straight into his blue eyes as I said “I remember the last time you were lucky enough to have an audience with me you were able to produce a very respectable amount of sperm with great power, do you remember?”  “Yes mistress” he replied meekly.  “Well I will be the judge of that,” I said purposefully.  I had deliberately placed the chair some four feet away so I was far enough away to be out of reach, but close enough for him to fully engage his attention.  “You are now going to perform for me because I want to know if being left to reflect upon your fate has any noticeable effect on your potency.  I want you to give it everything you’ve got.”  I stood up, turned around and knelt on the seat with my arms resting on the back of the chair and arched my back so my divine naked bottom was displayed to perfect effect.  I then parted my knees a little to really show off my curves and what lay in between and said “You will now masturbate yourself hard and shoot the full contents of your testicles all over my divine bottom, it should make the perfect target, so there are no excuses.”  

I watched his efforts in the full-length mirror on the side wall as his right hand moved up and down the length of his large shaft while his left cupped his balls.  After some time, during which I could see him concentrating hard on the shape of my captivating bottom which I raised provocatively to encourage greater effort, he began to moan, quietly to begin with.  This became a hoarse rhythmic guttural sound as he built up to his climax.  I pushed my bottom even further out towards him as the first, thick, massively strong jet torrented from his pee hole and landed half way up my back, his second load of red hot sperm cascaded with huge force all over the crease of my bottom and my tight, little anus.  The third jet which was lighter in content but just as hot sprayed onto my left cheek and covered it fully, while the fourth jet failed to reach me and splashed onto the floor.  I looked at him in the mirror and saw my back covered in a glistening covering of sticky sperm and ordered him to knell down.  I moved my back towards him while still remaining on the chair and ordered him to clean up all of the mess that he’d using his tongue.  It took him several minutes to clean up all of his mess.  I then lifted myself up so that my vagina was level with his tongue and demanded that he licked me to a climax once more from behind.  I was extremely pleased with his efforts and felt unusually horny.  It is very rare indeed that I let a slave lick my pussy twice in an audience, but I felt that his deprivation and apparent dedication deserved a special reward.  I was also unusually turned on…….”

I had never expected to be smitten by someone that had all the power.  In my visits to Lady Sonia I spent the entire time worshipping her sheer female perfection; I was totally under her spell and control throughout.  To this day I have never met anyone who captivated me as much.  Her salacious wardrobe never failed to arouse me and her power as the ultimate seductress was entrancing.  I discovered a side of myself that I didn’t know existed and luxuriated in letting someone else take control.  It never emasculated me, but it made me realise that I was always to be susceptible to the power of feminine wiles.  A lesson that, later in life, was to prove costly.  

Throughout the entire time I spent visiting Lady Sonia I never had sex with her once.  It was this that finally persuaded me that I needed to move on.  It’s alright giving up your masculinity in the short term, but in the long term I needed to get back to what I loved the most………