The Chinese Lottery - The Confessor - Part 19

Crestfallen, but not entirely surprised, I walked back to my hotel through the woods.  I was feeling the victim of a Chinese game of dares.  I guessed that I was just an amusement.  It would have taken something extraordinary for anything to happen with a group of four friends.  Who would have broken ranks and made a move?  For some reason I felt sad, but I was a realist.  I went to bed still feeling a little disappointed and fell into a fitful sleep.

I have no idea how long I was asleep.  Possibly not long.  What I was certain of was that the hotel phone by the bed was ringing.  In my somnolent state I managed to pluck the receiver from the base and mumbled a hello.  A chirpy female Chinese lady asked if I was OK and whether I’d like to re-visit the hotel room that I’d only recently left.  Potentially a stupid question.  I threw on some clothes and re-traced my tracks through the moonlight forest. 

I tapped subtly on the appointed door and was welcomed into the room.  The atmosphere was electric.  More alcohol had been consumed and these girls were frisky and patently over-excited.  More incessant giggling.  The ring-leader said that they had something to ask me.  Seemed reasonable.  Apparently they liked me.  Good.  They wondered if I could help.  Yes.  Apparently they had drawn lots and the very pretty, young girl who didn’t speak English had won.  This was particularly thrilling as she’d never had sex with an Englishman before.  More specifically she’d never had sex with a man with a big cock before.  Apparently my lack of self-control in the nightclub had been witnessed by at least one of the girls who must have had a ruler.  Evidently this was intoxicatingly exciting especially as they’d like to watch and see if this beautiful, young girl could take all I was apparently going to offer her.  It seemed rude not to offer to help them with their predicament.

I was led into the bathroom by the ringleader who told me that I needed to be gentle.  It was also important that my body was covered in scented oil which she would like to apply.  Apparently the other girls were ‘preparing’ my partner-to-be, whatever that meant.  I heard furniture moving and mounting hysteria.  The ringleader asked me to get undressed which I did.  She proceeded to expertly cover me in a very aromatic oil which she applied everywhere.  She took great pleasure in witnessing my over-excitement and held my member in her hands.  She said it was beautiful but that I needed to take precautions.  She reached into a toilet bag and produced a condom which she expertly unrolled over my length.  Luckily I have ‘large’ she said.  She seemed almost reluctant to remove her impatient hands but she was not the winner of the lottery.  

I was asked to re-join the girls in the bedroom.  They had pushed all of the beds to the side of the room apart from one which was right in the centre.  The beautiful, young Chinese girl was lying on the white sheets.  It appeared she had sobered up as she looked fearful and concerned especially when she saw the scale of my excitement.  I do not consider myself to be anything other than modestly ‘average’ but the girls were squealing with excitement.  It appears as if Chinese men are not blessed by size.  It also appeared as if the girls had taken their own precautions as I could see that my prospective partner was glistening with lubrication.  Or was inordinately excited.  Perhaps both.  She was tiny, gorgeous and looked worried.  One of the other girls was holding her hand for reassurance but the other two were clapping and shouting encouragement.  This was not a time for going back.  

I reassured her that everything was going to be OK and that I’d be very gentle.  The way I was being encouraged was not entirely advising such caution.  I mounted the gorgeous Chinese girl and engaged myself into her entrance.  She was extremely tight and it took some considerable finesse and patience to gain entry.  I was aware that the girls were all crouched and watching closely as well as offering advice to both of us.  Their faces were literally inches away from our coupled bodies.  Front row stalls.  Their encouragement defied caution and clearly wanted more commitment.  Their advice implored me to ‘do it’, reassured me that ‘she wants it’ and urged me to ‘fill her up’.  I went very slowly entering her inch by inch.  My lovely partner evoked fear and concern, this quickly changed to evident surprise and morphed into exultant satisfaction.  

It took a considerable time to invade her totally but eventually, much to her friends fevered excitement, I was balls deep.  Any concern appeared to have been substituted by loud moaning and what seemed to be Chinese profanities from my partner and cries of encouragement from the fevered spectators.  The girls were clapping to a primeval beat which seemed to demand more concerted action.  As soon as I started to withdraw and then plunge with vigour my partner came explosively.  Her friend took her hand in glee.  The girls exploded with joyful exuberance and demanded that I completed the job.  I felt hands on my back pushing me downwards in a rhythm that demanded more concerted effort.  It was obvious that they wanted her to really win the lottery.  I felt an enormous surge of arousal and a palpable awareness that I was putting on a show.  I became an actor, a stallion and a powerful seducer.  I was not to stop until I reached my natural, conclusive, earth-shaking explosion.  I remember kissing my partner as after what seemed like an eternity the crescendo reached its climax.  I will never forget that, momentarily, her lips touching mina and reassuring me that everything was joyful and wonderful.  In the land of the lottery it was clearly the winning ticket to a double rollover……..

In the morning I went back to the hotel but the girls had checked out and left.  In any language this was a most amazing experience.  It made me realise the alluring power of acting on impulse and the excitement of performing for an audience.  I didn’t know it then but this was to prove valuable experience for later in life…….