Angel Delight (Pt 2)

Soon after the deadline I heard the squeaking of ancient floorboards and the sound of sharp heels on wooden flooring from a corridor above my head.  Stilettoes on wood.  Steps drawing closer, soon at the top of the stairs.  From my position directly facing the staircase I could see exactly what was heading in my direction.  An angel.  An angel from heaven.  It’s not often that angels wear corsets with a suspender belt, stockings and high heels with a thin housecoat to protect the modesty of its shoulders.  But this one did.  You could have heard a pin drop.  I was flabbergasted and every part of me went rigid.  I sat with my mouth open like a little boy watching his first cartoon.  Speechless.  As if the outfit wasn’t enough, Serena was gorgeous.  Thin, tight, sculpted body, long straight black hair, modest make up.  So feminine, so gorgeous.  A natural beauty queen.  But what made her the most special woman I’ve still ever met was that she was almost shy and blushing.  There wasn’t an ounce of her that believed in her own irresistibility.  I could tell that she needed reassurance and compliments.  She was softly spoken, so nice with the warmest persona and yet totally unaffected by her devastating attractiveness.  

Paul seemed equally awe struck as he made a stammering introduction.  I rose (I couldn’t contain myself) and kissed her hand in a type of affected introduction which seemed to meet with her approval.  Paul insisted that she sat next to me which was a test for my libido as well as my metabolism.  He bustled off to fix her a drink.  We talked.  Suddenly my nerves disappeared.  I was able to be as normal as I wanted.  I felt no need to play act or be someone I wasn’t.  She charmed me totally and put any nervousness which remained in a place where I couldn’t find it.  Neither of us flirted, we just found a natural connection that was to bond us for years to come.  It was hard (literally) concentrating but my eyes hardly ever left hers while our conversation flowed.  Her voice was soft, harmonious and rich with warmth.  Yet, while everything about her seemed so perfect there was a part of her that seemed insecure.  It was as if she didn’t believe in her own sublimity and occasionally needed to be nurtured and reminded of her magnificence.  I lavished her with earnest praise in spades.  Clubs, diamonds and hearts as well.  Especially hearts.

It turned out that while Paul was a Master of Business, she also ran her own small enterprise.  She was almost as entrepreneurial as he was and was smart as well as sassy.  So many boxes ticked.  It also became apparent that she was horny.  But not by way of her giving signals to this effect.  In fact, she didn’t make one move or convey any intention.  There was just something about her that led me to take the initiative.  It was difficult and probably took me longer than might have amounted to ‘control’.  My politeness held me back until I was sure.  I didn’t want to blow this golden goose.  I would never have forgiven myself.  This was not the time for ill-considered bravado.  

Later she told me that she loved the fact that I didn’t jump on her and took my time.  She also said that my biggest test was whether I was capable of taking control.  It was very important that I was the instigator and that I demonstrated how much I wanted her.  She needed to be seduced by someone whose lust for her became an obsession and this was acted upon.  Acting is easy when the role you end up playing is yourself…….and so it was, my middle name should have been Oscar.

Initially I wondered if I was waiting for a sign from Paul, but he was not playing.  He was smiling and seemed greatly pleased with the whole scenario but no sign was forthcoming.  I sensed deep inside my being that this gorgeous creature would be compliant if I took the initiative.  So, I moved my hand to her knee.  The luscious touch of silk stockings.  No resistance.  I moved my hand higher until my fingers touched bare flesh.  The top of stockings where protection ends.  Not a whimper.  In fact, she straightened her position to face me directly.  I sensed her legs gently opening just a notch.  I had full permission.  I was in heavenly exultation; it seemed only right in the company of an angel.

Things quickly gathered pace.  What really propelled the whole scenario was when I put my hand gently to her chin and positioned her mouth for me touch her lips with mine.  I vividly remember her whimper as our lips touched.  It was as if a dam burst.  The urgency of her kisses took me by surprise.  A hungry, insatiable soul had been unleashed and its tongue was sensually entwining itself with mine.  Passionately, yes, but in true Serena style it somehow still seemed gentle.  Urgent but sensual.  With true meaning.  Unfettered lust that was now free.  

Things progressed with great urgency.  I unclipped her bra and freed her small but beautifully proportioned breasts and treated my tongue and mouth to her swelling nipples.  The sound that emerged from her delicate mouth was guttural and full of exultant pleasure.  Her whole being let itself go and poured itself into our union.  I remember tracing my fingers on the front of her thin, satin knickers and her moaning that she was coming.  Her climax was so gentle, yet so feminine.  I was in no place to stop and she didn’t ask for a break.  I carried on kissing, licking, gently biting and literally worshipping her perfection.  I whispered reassuring compliments.  But I didn’t have to make up a thing.  It all came naturally.  Literally.  It was beginning to become apparent that I had needs of my own.  She didn’t make a move on me.  This was what she required of me.  She needed me to unleash myself upon her with famished hunger and show her how much I desired to be inside her.  And to do it because I needed her beyond anything else I desired in my life.  Just her……. Nothing hard about that (that was a lie).

I lay her back on the sofa and placed my tongue between her legs.  I took delight in taking my time.  Her reaction told me everything I needed to know.  Her gasps and moans echoing off the high, wooden beamed ceiling.  It was as if I was releasing frustration that had been building up for months.  The genie was well and truly out of the bottle.  It was also out of my trousers and hell bent on giving the angel what she so patently needed.  Out of nowhere she provided a small package which I handled expertly and without any further hesitation I located her soaking cavity and thrust myself into her.  Normally I exhibit more care.  This occasion demanded urgency, athleticism and complete abandonment.  I needed to show her that I was devoted, that my lust was insatiable and that I wanted to possess her sex.  

For a moment I glanced over her shoulder to see Paul sitting in his chair with his trousers open to reveal a very small cock that he was masturbating.  Or at least I think he was, it was hard to tell.  Suddenly I understood, everything was clear and I respected them both even more…….

I was unstoppable and lost in moments of divine mortality.  She was everything I wanted and I needed to show her exactly this.  So, I showed her.  No words, just actions.  A ferocious pounding, but with loving intent.  Enacting those famous words ‘kiss me like you love me, fuck me like you hate me’.  I wanted her never to be able to forget me.  I wanted her to long to have me again.  It was suddenly like a rehearsal for a role I craved…..

It was a moment like no other, we came in glorious unison.  Bound in passion and exultation.  I held her for what seemed like hours, although Paul politely intervened which was a disguised way of reminding me that the ‘acting’ was over………

But before leaving he told me that I’d passed the audition and enquired about my availability to attend further rehearsals……..If I wanted the role full time I had to practice…..a lot.