Right on the Money

My career was now fully established and my earning power had increased.  I was still single although for 18 months entered into a relationship with a lovely girl who made me happy.  During these romantic interludes I was very loyal and never strayed.  After all I was being fed and this girl was a delight to spend time with in and out of the bedroom.  Although, it’s fair to say that once your libido has been perpetrated by the thrall of illicit sexual provocation there is something buried deep that nags away like a tempest. 

This wasn’t the reason that the relationship ended.  She was much keener to embrace a more formal relationship than I was and there was something that nagged away at me that this wasn’t a relationship for life.  We parted on excellent terms and remain friends even now, many years later.  

My physical appetite was apparently undiminished and my new-found freedom allowed the possibility of more prospecting.  I re-entered the world of contact magazines with refreshed enthusiasm although, as before, it was a slow-burner.  Many letters sent, very few replies. Competitive.  Confusing.  Frustrating.  But one ad which had an extremely enticing picture of a beautiful young scantily-clad girl caught my eye.  It was well written and hinted strongly at a liaison of considerable intensity.  The words used implied that the prospective partner was needy and keen and that she was looking for a ‘remunerative’ relationship.  The exact meaning wasn’t clear but the ad was too intriguing to ignore…….

About a week later I received a reply.  A very warm and positive letter although the meaning of the word ‘remunerative’ was clear.  Clearly there were scenarios available where sex was swapped for money.  I’d always evaded this because it didn’t fit into my bullseye of meeting women for sex because they wanted it as much as I did.  Paying had too many possible interpretations of being ‘business’.  Not enough joy.  No natural manifestation of passionate and intense coupling.  Purely a financial transaction.  But this proposition was phrased differently.  The girl involved admitted to being adventurous and liberated, but she also placed enormous emphasis on being ‘extremely turned on’ at the prospect of being paid for sex.  She went on to explain that, for her, the prospect of being ‘owned’ by the payee excited her beyond belief.  She relished being under the control of a man who had paid a dowry.  Whether this was just a convenient positioning to extract money was open to question, but there was something about this entreaty that made me consider funding this liaison.  There was something about the way she stressed that such a scenario was ’thrilling’ and her over-use of the word ‘owned’ that resonated.

We arranged a date.  She had to travel up to London from Brighton and asked if I could meet during daytime.  She again stressed that being paid was her ultimate fantasy and that I was to take what I was paying for and use her for whatever purpose I deemed appropriate.  Again, this could have just been playing at justifying the payment of a fee, but my intuition sensed something else.  There was a sense of purpose and role play that made this raw and real.  I was prepared to pay, but I was also determined to test out her fantasy and push it to the limit.  I wanted to make sure my money was well invested…….