Coupling Part II - The Confessor

The interview had gone well and I was contacted again soon after to confirm my new position.  Apparently I was to be given a few weeks off, but I was put on stand-by that my services would soon be required again and I was to stay in training.  Luckily I was playing football every weekend and was fit…….I needed to be.

A few weeks later I was contacted by Tony and asked if I was available to come and spend some more time at the palace.  Apparently Debbie was very keen to get to know me better.  The prospect was very pleasing and I was full of lustful anticipation.

The second meeting was even more intense than the first especially because after a drink downstairs I was invited to the conjugal bedroom which was as opulent as the capacious living room.  This involved fornicating on the bed with Debbie while Tony watched from an antique chair in corner of the room.  She wanted to be taken in a variety of positions and called me her ‘stud’.  I found this very invigorating, complimentary and motivating all of which compelled me to perform to my best.  I felt like a high performance athlete trying to achieve a personal best.  Trying hard…..literally rigid.  However, this type of lurid provocation over-excited me.  I couldn’t help myself and I climaxed inadvertently while I was pounding Debbie from behind; her vocal encouragement and urgings proved too much for my youthful lack of self-control.  Clearly not a personal best, but Debbie seemed pleased.  It hadn’t occurred to me but women often translate premature ejaculation as a compliment to their allure.  Debbie was right to do so; it was clear evidence of an indisputable truth.

What also impressed her (and again she was right to assume that this was directly related to her irresistible sexuality) was that my ability to reload, while not instant, was impressive.  Like carefully changing a cartridge of ammunition and being ready to fire again within seconds, well, minutes.  Debbie was impressed, in fact intrigued.  Clearly this had not been a factor in her relationship with Tony and she was like a child with a new toy.  We romped for at least an hour and she was very smiley and complimentary when we finished.  Tony took me downstairs and poured me a celebratory whisky.  It was like I’d solved a much deliberated problem greatly to his apparent relief. 

The next time we met was even more momentous.  I arrived and was ushered into the living room by an excited Tony.  He hoped I didn’t mind but he’d taken the liberty of setting up a video camera on top of a professional-looking tripod.  Would I mind if he filmed me entertaining his beautiful wife.  He said it was her idea and would enable us to ‘capture the moment’.  Little did I know where this was going to lead.  If I’d known I would have agreed much more quickly than the half a second it took me.   

When Debbie arrived she looked even more alluring than ever.  She was wearing what seemed to be a skin tight cat suit but with no crotch.  Her lips were on display and she made no attempt to hide her modesty.  She kissed me and said ‘Tonight’s going to be special’.  It felt as if this was an audition for a porn movie but with an actress that really wanted it.  Compelling wasn’t the word…….

Lights, camera, action.  It was decided that I should take her on the thick shag-pile rug in front of their exotic art nouveau fireplace.  We did everything.  I licked her to a shuddering, vociferous orgasm, she took all of my shaft down her eager throat and masturbated me to orgasm on her tongue and deep into her mouth.  I played with her perfectly symmetrical breasts producing nipples like organ stops and then I rode her with all my might on the soft welcoming fur beneath our writhing bodies.  We changed positions numerous times and eventually came like a voracious stallion with her nails digging deep into the skin around my shoulders.  It was a masterful performance and all for the edification of the prying camera lens.  I felt like I was playing to an audience.  Treading the boards; almost over-acting to get as much attention as possible.  I wanted to perform to my very best to please, not only my gorgeous partner, but also the unknown audience.  I wanted applause and acclamation.  I was at my physical peak and I wanted my undeniable masculinity prowess to be recorded for posterity.  I was unlikely to pass this way again.  They say the proof of the pudding is in the eating.  Well that, and a whole lot more, was in the can.

This felt like a defining moment in my sexual journey, but little did I know this was only the start.  Luckily the film never reached a mass audience.  It was not to be an audition tape for a career in the German porn industry, although it was to play a leading role in my sex life for the next couple of months.  I wasn’t entirely expecting the turn of events.  But things that happen on impulse and unexpectedly are often the most arousing……. 

One afternoon, a couple of weeks after the film shoot my phone rang.  It was Debbie.  She wondered how I was.  She said the children were out and she was alone in the house.  Did I remember our last evening together?  I did (vividly).  She said ‘So do I’.  She then said ‘In fact I’m watching it now’.  My cock stiffened as I heard the sound of our moaning and groaning in the background.  'Do you know what you’re doing to me now?’ she said highly suggestively.  ‘No’ I stammered.  She proceeded to tell me in no uncertain detail what I and my various over-excited body parts were doing to her.  It became increasingly obvious that she was masturbating.  I was too.  This was only going to end one way as I heard the sound of a vibrant mutual climax via the soundtrack, just as another one was looming live via the phone line.  Her ecstatic moaning was cut off as she hung up leaving me with quite a lot of cleaning up to do.  But I felt exultant and enthralled.

This happened quite regularly over the next couple of months.  Different parts of the film were highlighted in graphic and erotic detail by my amorous and, so it seemed, constantly aroused partner.  I wasn’t sure if Tony knew of his wife’s new hobby but I always felt that any film director would be proud if his film had this effect on its audience