Choose a VIP Escort for an Elite Summer Experience

As the warm weather kicks in, this summer comes with new possibilities for adventures. There are many ways to enjoy the outdoor climate and many places to visit in the glow of sunshine.

With a list of favourite activities at your disposal, have you considered a way to make your desired activity genuinely exquisite? By sharing the joy, you can create a high-class experience in the sun that can leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

So why not indulge in a date with a VIP escort this summer to re-define your tourist adventures?

These ideal locations can truly make tis the season of joy and bring out the best in the weather as well as you.

Stockholm (Never-Alone) Syndrome

The best time to visit the Swedish capital city of Stockholm is in the summer. There’s always some leisurely fun to fill into the 18 hours of sunlight with your choice of activities filled to the brim.

Speaking of which, glasses tend to change hands all around the town centre with beer as well as coffee festivals that keep you energised for an array of adventures. A true Swede can surely show you around and an escort in Sweden can kick things up a notch even higher.

You can expect some dazzling company with a pleasure expert guiding you to all the right places at the right times (geographically and physically). This exclusive experience can be enjoyed over a compact weekend or for a long summer stay. Either way, there will be a lot you’ll want to keep coming back to by the end.

What Happens in Mykonos…

The summer might be raging hot but in Mykonos, you’ll only see the sea green of the waters. There are a lot of places to visit when on this little island and an exclusive escort can help you bring out the best in Greece.

Why shouldn’t your exotic vacation compromise on the quality of women by your side? You can choose a Blue Monday exclusive escort like Stella today whose green eyes perfectly resemble the calm of the winds and the sea that the island calls home.

The time spent on the island of Mykonos is traditionally used to let your hair down and let the vibrant culture take over you. You will find a variety of Russian, Asian, Latina, Ebony and mature women from all corners of the globe in the heart of Mykonos to take your heart away.

Bring Berlin Home to You

The truly exquisite escorts tend to reside in the most luxurious places and Berlin is certainly no exception. With a list of escort-friendly hotels and ever-available party hubs, the sky is the limit in Berlin.

You can join the annual Berlin tradition of trying to find the best ice cream in town with your very own authentic Berlin escort to drag you to the best parlours in town, or you could opt for a serene walk by the canals for a refreshing breeze accompanying the romance of the evening.

Wrapping Up

While there is no wrong way to spend your summer, Blue Monday can certainly point you to a handful of the right ideas. With a range of international escorts at your disposal, there is no telling where your Blue Monday summer can take you this time!