Escort Etiquette: Behaviour Do’s and Don’ts

Alongside providing our clients with an exquisite escort experience, our models' safety and treatment are equally important. Whilst we are sure you are a respectable and intelligent gentleman, there are still those out there who need reminding of unacceptable behaviour when they meet an escort. Even if you are aware, these do's and don'ts are a healthy reminder of how to behave on a date with a high-class escort.

Why Clients Need Reminding


Often our high-class escorts, whether in London or Dubai, have pleasurable escort dates with clients where they usually meet friendly and interesting people, which is why our models love what they do here. 

However, there have been stories from ladies at other agencies or independents that depict less than favourable meet-ups with clients. These punters have not read or understood escort etiquette, so we like to provide as many regular and up-to-date resources as possible to aid punters. 

Examples of Good Behaviour

Before launching into the negatives, we want to provide examples of good escort etiquette. Being a respectful client allows you to build a positive client-escort relationship to ensure an enjoyable first booking and many more afterwards.


Respecting an escort's time & energy 

Timewasters are the worst for agencies and escorts, so please don't be one of them. You can respect an escort by being on time for your booking or contacting the agency if you will be late or wish to cancel. Our models put a lot of time and energy into crafting high-class experiences for their clients, which begin well before your agreed time together.

They only ask you to respect this effort by being on time and appreciating what goes into creating an exceptional experience for yourself.


Respecting her as a professional

Our high-class escorts are professional women who love their work and, as mentioned before, put a lot of effort into what they do. Therefore they deserve to be respected like any other profession, which they are often not due to the companionship nature of their work. You can respect her by not using derogatory language associated with escort work (or any other) and not asking inappropriate questions about or degrading what she does.

Be Well Prepared & Do Your Research

The best clients are always those who come to a booking prepared. Whether taking suitable hygiene precautions or understanding the services she provides, if you have done your research, you can go into your experience together, knowing what to expect so you can enjoy yourself together.


Agreeing to the Security Checks

While security checks seem less than ideal, they are necessary to ensure our high-class escorts at Blue Monday are safe. They are our priority, and we want to provide a punter who says who they are by checking their ID. Just as you do not wish to book an escort with negative reviews, some escorts beforehand will want to know if you are pleasant to work with and not someone who will waste their time or make them feel uncomfortable- or even worse, subject them to violence.

Therefore we ask you to fully accept the screening process so that you can feel comfortable enjoying your experience together.


Examples of Bad Behaviour

Now we must delve into some examples of bad behaviour when meeting an escort as these are what we deem at Blue Monday to be completely unacceptable.


Turning up Unpresentable

This can range from being improperly washed to being under the influence of drinks and drugs. Either way, when you are meeting with an escort, high-class escort or not, it is unpleasant for them if a client appears in an unpresentable state, especially if they are rude. Our companions love to look their best for clients, and it is part of what makes their dates so enjoyable. Impressing gentlemen such as yourself and part of respecting her time and effort is matching this presentation.


Asking Personal Questions

As stated, our escorts are professional women who should be treated differently from any other profession just because they are escorts. That means we ask you also to treat them as professionals. Part of doing so is not to ask personal questions about their life, where they live, or anything else that could cross a boundary.


Negotiating for Free Services

This is the height of rudeness and completely disrespects the effort an escort makes in her profession. Whether you still need to bring the right amount of cash for extras or want to stay a bit longer, never blur the lines between professional and person and expect free escort services. 

Her profile clearly states her rates if she does not confirm them at the meet-up. An escort is perfectly entitled to say no to this request. If you persist could lead to her refusing to work with you again, which, of course, we as an agency would also be aware and cautious of. 


Pushing an Escorts' Boundaries

Another example of bad behaviour is trying to push an escort's boundaries by getting her to provide services she is uncomfortable with doing. If it is not stated on her profile and she says NO once, do not push her. This becomes unacceptable behaviour that we simply do not tolerate here at Blue Monday!


Treating Her Like a Commodity

While paying for companionship and escort services, making it feel like a transaction, you must remember there is a human at the other end. Being courteous and making sure you are both enjoying the experience together.


Consequences of Poor Escort Etiquette

Failing to be polite or ignoring escort etiquette may see you being reported by the escort you meet and being blacklisted from an agency altogether. In addition, the escort community is small, so if you misbehave, words will get around, and you may also be banned by other escorts/agencies. 


How to Book Our High-Class Escorts

Now you understand the correct escort etiquette its time to meet an escort. We encourage you to book with Blue Monday by contacting us on 07535600667 or at the email address [email protected]. If you have any questions about meeting a high-class escort or how to prepare, or if there is anything else you can do to improve an escort encounter, please contact our team, as they are always happy to help here.