Right on the Money (Pt 2)

I took a day off work and prepared the house for a visitor.  Not just any visitor but a chattel.  I cleaned, re-arranged furniture and made a subtle adjustment to the bedroom.  The workroom, the stage, the auditorium.  

When she arrived, she was all that I’d hoped and more.  She was gorgeous, well dressed, classy but with a sense of provocation.  Chic and foxy.  Beautifully presented, smelt like a French parfumerie, lithe and inviting.  She also had a glint in her eye.  That eye contact that lets you know you’re in the game.  Miniscule glances that convey powerful electric currents……

We sat and talked.  Broke the ice.  Discourse before intercourse.  I opened a bottle of chilled white and things relaxed.  I fancied her like mad but remained aloof.  I could sense some chemistry.  I could also sense that she wanted me to be in charge.  My role.  My transactional right.  Discretionary spending.  I was paying, she was mine.  I could put her on a shelf, in a cupboard or use her.  Not a hard choice.  In fact, the hard bit was easy.

After a while I made my move.  I instructed her to kiss me.  She complied willingly and urgently.  I told her that I owned her and would be paying a fee for her services and that this gave me complete ownership of her body and mind.  I told her to trust me and to do everything that she was instructed.  She acquiesced and told me that she was mine.  Totally.

I took her hand and went upstairs to my bedroom.  Upon entering she saw her fate.  The bed was covered in banknotes.  Five and ten-pound notes to her agreed value distributed randomly all over the duvet cover.  Her reparation.  My handmaiden.  I could see her eyes taking in the scene with concentrated intensity.  A palpable handing over of power.  I had paid my fee; it was time to take possession.         

I told her that I was paying for her and that she had handed over all control to me.  I told her that I was going to fuck her on the money, that I wanted her to physically be in touch with the fee for her acquiescence.  I slowly undressed her so that she was only wearing her matching set of bra and panties.  I instructed her kneel before me and released my excitement.  I told her exactly how I wanted to be pleasured and she set to work.  Slow, sloppy but with increasing vigour.  She obeyed every instruction.  Deeper and deeper.  More saliva.  More tongue.  More masturbation of the shaft.  Caressing of the balls.  I made her pleasure me entirely to my satisfaction and I made her work for her money.  After a pleasing amount of time I told her to move to the bed and assume a position so I could enter her from behind.  She had a cute arse and I wanted to work it vigorously while being deep inside her tightness.  She was soaking wet and I remember noticing her cream covering my shaft as it retracted with every stroke.  I felt powerful and strong and used her totally to my satisfaction.  She came like a jumbo jet in flap transition before lowering its landing wheels.  A most comfortable touchdown ensued.

But I was far from finished and she knew it.  Some girls like a gap between orgasms, this one wanted more satisfaction immediately.  I could tell, although I was the owner and this time it was my satisfaction that counted, not hers.  I turned her over onto her back and entered her again straight away with no respite.  I could tell by her noises that this met her satisfaction.  I could see fire in her eyes and knew that she was more than willing.  

She was no spent force and clearly ready to give full value for money.  I knew it too and I wanted her to know that she was submitting to the power of money.  As I started to build up a considerable rhythm, I gathered a number of the notes that covered the duvet and massaged them into her face and her upper body.  I told her that she was being paid for sex and here was the evidence.  She was lying on a bed of money and the sweat that was now covering her back ensured that some of the notes stuck to her skin while she was being pleasured.  She was also being told constantly by me that she was mine to do as I wanted with and that the money scrunched up and being forced against her face gave me the right to do as I pleased.  I called her a slut for doing it for money and fucked her with an unbounded and lustful vigour rarely repeated.  What made it so invigorating was a combination of factors.  At the top of the list was that I’ve never witnessed a girl who was so wet and so excited.  The jumbo landed again but this time it was mutual as both turbo engines engaged in harmony with a screaming and harmonious intensity.  Not exactly a soft landing but safe.  A submissive acquiescence of obedience and submission as befits a mutually rewarding transaction.  

Being paid allows a transaction where power and control are handed over for a fixed period of time and this leads to total subjugation……..An exchange of intense submission which was as exhilarating as it was harmonious.  She left spent, but in thrall…….I was lighter in the pocket, but richer for the experience which sowed a seed for later in life………