Angel Delight (Pt 4)

On another visit I was surprised to find another couple in the drawing room.  Hearty introductions were made to Barbara and Ian, another older husband with a glamorous, younger wife.  Clearly a good friend of Serenas.  I suspected that on this evening there would be no fun just social intercourse.  I was right, no intercourse, but I was totally wrong about no fun.

It became apparent that the reasons behind Serena’s new satisfied demeanour had got out.  As the evening evolved and alcohol began to talk, Barbara, who was a vibrant and extrovert lady, suggested that I should sit next to her on the sofa.  Did I know that she and Serena were friends?  Did I know that they were ‘special’ friends?  Err no……. Would I like to see how friendly they were?  Err yes……. I moved sideways so Serena could sit next to Barbara.  Soon they were kissing.  Kisses not forged out of gentle acquaintance, kisses that were fuelled by unfettered and exultant passion.  Full-on mouth to mouth, tongues busy and gentle moaning.  

Both husbands, although watching, continued to chat amongst themselves as if this was totally normal (who knows it might have been).  Did I like this?…… Err yes.  Horny laughter.  Barbara gathered that I had a nice cock.  Would I like to show her?……. Err yes.  My uncontrollable excitement made it hard to extract, but soon it was in full view.  Barbara was impressed.  What a luck girl Serena was.  Serena glowed.  Without a word Barbara sank to her knees in front of me and with great expertise started to lick and suck my rock-hard member.  She went to work with great rhythm and dexterity for a good 10 minutes.  I remember looking deep into Serena’s longing eyes and noticed her considerable arousal.  She was furtively playing with herself.  Barbara sat next to me again and explained in a very determined and committed voice that she loved to watch a man come.  With that she kissed Serena passionately, but on reflection corrected herself ‘we both like to watch a man come’.  With that suggestive instruction I was left to masturbate myself to a vigorous conclusion as both women watched transfixed.  

Afterwards Serena told me that she and Barbara were old friends and lovers, although she didn’t see much of her anymore as they’d moved away from the area.  She also told me that Ian wouldn’t allow Barbara to have intercourse, but was happy for her to satisfy her needs in any other way.  Job done.

As our friendship intensified Paul became more acquiescent.  He waved his rule about always wanting to be there whenever I was with Serena.   

One day he phoned me and suggested that I should ring her as she needed ‘cheering up’ and that I was free to do as I wished.  I phoned Serena and heard that one of their favourite dogs had been put down following a short illness.  She was mortified.  I arranged to go down for lunch a couple of days’ later.  I brought her some flowers and we chatted earnestly for 2 hours over lunch.  The empathy worked and she felt better.  So much better that she went upstairs to change into a very short skirt.  Well she needed to be dressed appropriately for the washing up.  Dirty and demanding work.

The sight of her barely covered thighs and her tight, little arse as she worked in the sink (she had decided not to use the dishwasher on this particular occasion) was all too much.  I was only obeying the clear, although unspecified, instructions.  I lifted her up onto one of the work counters, pulled her knickers to one side and with her arms embracing my shoulders, our lips meeting hungrily, and proceeded to enter her voraciously.  In this standing position I was able to gain full access and sought to give her solace with considerable enthusiasm.  Her rapturous squealing seemed to indicate that the therapy had worked.  If all else failed I clearly had another career available as a counsellor. 

These glorious encounters became the fulfilment of many dreams and fantasies and Serena remained a beacon of unyielding joy, respect and fulfilment.  Our relationship lasted for about 4 years but our friendship will remain eternal…