Pay Me My Money Down

My life was good.  I was still single, my career going well, earning good money and still a man with needs.  My past experiences had led to me to regard sexual experiences with great anticipation.  I had realised that it was possible to manipulate scenarios and make a sexual liaison even more exhilarating.  The secret was finding a willing partner, someone who was entranced by the excitement of illicit conjugation.  I’d been spoiled because many of my memories were of powerful and mutually rewarding activities which had shaped a need to continue searching for situations that delivered such high tariff and adrenalin-fuelled experiences.

Significantly, I’d also discovered the concept of paying for sex.  My liaison with the lovely girl whose unfettered joy had been intensified by knowing that she’d been paid had opened up a new avenue of potential pleasure.  Clearly this was not a cheap option.  It involved making an ‘investment’ in self-gratification, but it allowed choice, convenience and the alluring prospect of knowing with certainty that a meeting was going to involve carnal relations in some shape or form.

It has the advantage of being able to choose a partner.  As this hobby evolved it became apparent that this was fraught with issues; but at this stage, the prospect of finding a suitable digital outlet and being able to look at photos and choose a girl who met your exact requirements (shape, colour, features etc) and make an order to eat-in or take-away was alluring.  At this stage I didn’t consider the potential pitfalls or emotional complications that such a scenario might deliver, it just seemed an enthralling option.  It was only later, after lots of different types of experiences, that I realised what a jungle this was, with many potentially variable scenarios…….

At this stage the internet was a new phenomenon.  Sites were in their fledgling stages of development.  But providers of adult entertainment had been quick to recognise the potential.  Sites offering ‘services’ were multiple, although completely unregulated.  ‘All that glitters is not gold’ was a good proverb which needed to be remembered….

My journey of adult enlightenment took me to these sites with regularity.  For some time, I couldn’t bring myself to enter a world where I’d have to part with quite a large amount of money for what was palpably only fleeting entertainment.  But, eventually the lure of such female gorgeousness, often displayed in lurid and extremely provocative stages of undress, became too much for a hot-blooded man to resist.  The cycle was always the same……easy to resist shortly after some relief, increasingly hard as physical need became more pronounced after long periods of abstinence.

So it was that I had my first escort experience.  I took a great liking to a brunette girl on the website of what appeared to be a leading escort agency.  Her pictures were undeniably seriously sexy and her warm smile seemed to promise rich rewards for trusting her with your company.  She was also Australian and I had a thing about girls from the Antipodes that stretched back to some time I spent there years before.  I was in the mood and it was this sense of primitive need that propelled me to make the arrangements.  It was all conducted by phone with a very charming lady who reassuringly promised me I’d made a very wise choice.  The etiquette was explained, money in an envelope to be delivered immediately upon arrival, discretion expected and good manners, respect and chivalry mandatory.  I couldn’t imagine any other scenario with someone so gorgeous……

And so, I found myself in front of a very large block of serviced apartments in up-market, posh Sloane Street, Chelsea, London SW1.  My heart was pounding and I was undeniably excited and turned on.  This was something of a game-changer.  Knowing that you were meeting a beautiful girl, who appeared to be built for only one type of fantasy orientation, for a mutually agreed period of carnal conflagration, was undeniably arousing.

I tried to put my nerves to one side and waltzed through the reception area trying to look as if I owned the whole building, let alone just a small bolt-hole.  I managed to make the lifts unobserved and was soon on the seventh floor searching a slim corridor for the flat number I’d been given.  A very deep breath, a ring of the bell and a vision of considerable delight was ushering me into the apartment as she almost hid behind the door.  A touch of the lips, slightly longer than was necessary as a standard greeting, a visual check which revealed a housecoat and some extremely provocative lingerie, my hand held while I was led to a small and cosy living room.  My excitement was palpably obvious to all, including her.  Despite considerable stupefaction, I managed to remember to produce the envelope.  This precipitated the offer of a drink, some pleasant small talk and her hand on my knee while I drank rather too quickly.

My modus operandi in these situations has dramatically changed since this first escorting encounter.  Now, I would never dream of not spending a significant amount of time chatting and getting to know my partner.  This time the novelty caved in on me and kidnapped my libido.  Before I knew it, we were locked in a passionate embrace, full tongue contact and her immediately leading my hands to interesting and curvaceous parts of her anatomy.  To this day I’ve never worked out whether she was operating out of some form of instant attraction or whether my state of obvious excitement flicked a switch in her sexuality.  I possibly ignored the fact that she was probably just a really good actress, although at the time it didn’t seem as if this could be even remotely possible such was her passion.

It was with some surprise that the ultimate act took place lying on the rug in front of her fire as our passion just consumed us, the sofa couldn’t contain us and the bedroom was just too far away.  This was a lustful denouement par excellence with what seemed to be full mutual commitment.  I remember her nails digging into the flesh of my back as I thrust vigorously into her tightness and I remember coming violently such was the urgency of our tryst.    

I will always be immensely grateful to this wonderful girl.  The intensity that seemed to accompany this memorable encounter gave me great confidence that hiring escorts was full of enormously alluring possibilities.  I perhaps forgot to consider that every date was unlikely to be the same…..but, for better or worse, my course was set.