Servitude - The Confessor

My ‘audience’ with Lady Sonia was arranged for a Friday afternoon in late May.  I drove all the way to a little village near Lincoln with an increasing sense of excitement, knowing that I was going into the complete unknown.  There was a sense of exhilaration at knowing that I was to be subservient to a woman of such feminine perfection and that I was to be forced to worship her on her terms.  Somehow I found the prospect of being completely subservient rivetingly alluring.  I was not out of my comfort zone as I knew how to look after myself, but I was willing to hand myself over to service this goddess.  I found the thought of being at Lady Sonia’s whim deeply arousing……

Immediately upon my arrival I knew I’d made the right choice.  Her house was private as it had a drive which removed sight of her front door from the prying eyes of any potential neighbours. I rang the doorbell and was greeted by a vision of astoundingly erotic proportions.  Lady Sonia was divine; a goddess with hair tied up, make-up applied perfectly with dark eye shadow, a little blusher, full red lipstick and deep red nail polish on her long, sharp finger nails.  She was dressed in a black, see-through very fine blouse which gave a clear view of her perfectly rounded breasts cupped in a little, black leather and lace quarter-cup platform type bra which created maximum cleavage and gave a full and clear view of her huge brown, fully erect nipples which pushed hard against the transparent material.  She was also wearing a tiny little kid-skin leather micro skirt which was short enough to give a full view of her tanned, smooth, strong thighs above her black, silk, seamed stocking tops.  Also in full view was a black satin suspender belt with straps that displayed her strong thighs to perfection and a tiny skin-tight pair of black, leather thong-type panties which left the tight cheeks of her perfect bottom completely exposed.  Her exotic outfit was completed by a pair of spike-heeled, black, leather thigh boots and a pair of tight, black leather gloves to complete the effect.  To say I was entranced was an under-statement of seismic proportions; I was rendered totally breathless in admiration.  Worship was to prove no hardship……although several senses of ‘hardship’ were inevitably to ensue.

She was also charming and polite.  She asked me to sit in a comfortable chair in her lounge and enquired about my journey and my plans for the weekend.  It felt intoxicating to be engaged in normal conversation by this decadent and totally delicious woman who was displaying every aspect of her plentiful feminine charms a few feet away from me as if this was perfectly normal behaviour.  Of course for her it was; for me it wasn’t, I was rendered totally helpless  I was hers to do as she pleased………

She complimented me on arriving at exactly 1pm and on immediately handing over the required envelope without prompting.  In her letter of instructions she had made great play on this and on the importance of arriving on time, not early and not late.  She liked a slave to be prompt as it showed obedience and demonstrated a sense of compliance and understanding that a mistress would also be ready at exactly the prescribed time.  She proceeded to tell me that while she was pleased with me she had also noticed that I had dared, without permission, to gaze at her fully erect, brown nipples, her stocking tops and her bottom when she opened the door.  She informed me that this was unfortunate as I had not been granted permission to do so and that this was an indiscretion that would have to be dealt with.  She explained that permission had to be granted before I could take such liberties.  She also told me that she had detected from my correspondence that my resistance to teasing might be suspect and this was something that she might need to test.  I was also instructed that I was only to address her as Lady Sonia and that failing to do so would have ‘unfortunate’ consequences.

I was asked to follow her up the stairs, her thighs moving suggestively and directly in my eye-line, not that I wanted to look anywhere else.  Unfortunately I had failed to notice a mirror at the top of the stairs that was angled so that Lady Sonia could see exactly where I had averted my gaze. 

She led me into a room that she called her dressing room, a whole world of feminine intoxication was revealed and the aroma of her decadent perfume invaded my sensitive nostrils.  I was jerked out of my fantasy-like state by a sharp command to sit on a stool facing her and she rebuked me severely for staring at her round, tight bottom as we were climbing the stairs.  She doubted I could be trusted with the simplest of tasks and told me I needed to learn about obedience when in the company of a female goddess.  I was ordered to strip naked and carefully fold my clothes which were to be left on the bottom shelf of a large cupboard.   My intense arousal changed to a sense of embarrassment as I was expected to reveal myself fully for her inspection.  What had been a severe erection had shrivelled into obsolescence.  This pleased her as I stood in front of her looking at the floor while she circled me with her favourite riding crop in her hand.  “Men are all the same”, she taunted me “their manhood disappears as soon as their power is removed”.  She stood behind me and playfully eased the crop between my legs poking at my flaccid shaft to try and tempt it to react.  She went to a large wooden frame which dominated one wall and had clasps at various heights in order to secure impudent slaves to its structure should they displease her.  She removed a pair of leather wrist cuffs and attached them to both of my wrists behind my back so both of my arms were now powerless.  “I am severely displeased with you for having the impudence to look at all of the details of my perfect body without permission.  This occurred twice, when you first arrived and when you were climbing the stairs.  As you like watching so much then this is how you will be punished.”

She led me to the frame and attached my ankles to the structure with shackles that were conveniently positioned.  I was now naked, helpless and totally captive and feeling rather shameful.  Her whole demeanour was of an arch and superior mistress that was in total control and knew the power of her exquisite body and used every nuance to antagonise and mercilessly tease my willpower.  She pulled the stool close to me and sat down.  She very slowly unbuttoned her fine, see-through blouse and pulled it open to reveal her fully erectly pointed nipples.  She stroked each one with her gloved hands, carefully rolling and pulling them as they stiffened further.  She questioned my discourtesy and asked if I still liked watching.  Her gaze and superior air were now fixed on my eyes as she questioned me.  My cock was rapidly recovering its virility.  She smiled and said “not such a pathetic cock after all.”  She squeezed it in one of her gloved hands, exacerbating my excitement and made me confess to my misdemeanour of looking up her skirt as we climbed the stairs.  She forced me to apologise profusely, chastised me and mockingly stated that “Watching is clearly all you’re good for.”

She stood up and released the clip at the back of her tiny skin-tight leather skirt and turned her back so I was forced to watch her tight bottom extract itself from the material.  She rotated her hips and it fell to the floor so she could elegantly step away, her beautiful round and tight bottom now displayed in all of its glory.  She placed a chair in front of me and grasped its back bending while she extended her bottom in the air about a foot from my face.  I was forced to watch as the tiny black leather strap of her thong-type panties were forced to pull right up into the crease of her bottom as she swayed her hips from side to side.  She turned round to witness my cock at its fullest extent of excitement.  She held my extended shaft in one hand and, with her face only an inch from mine, firmly repeated “Watching is all you deserve”.

She moved to a chest of drawers and took a full nine inch dildo from the top drawer and sat on the chair in front of me.  Her diary of this day that she let me read much later in my years of service read as follows:

“I sat right on the front of the chair so that I could lean back and placed my feet about three feet apart flat on the floor and then I used my left leather-clad index finger and fore finger to ease my beautiful outer sex lips apart and slid the soft tip of the cock-shaped dildo right into my sacred sex.  I teased my clit with the tip forcing it to swell and grow until it became fully erect and popped its way out from beneath its hood.  I closed my eyes and slowly licked my red lips as I pleasured my clit with the dildo.  My muscles twitched and I started to breath more quickly as inch by inch I inserted the dildo into my tight sacred sex.  My new slave watched every second intently; possibly punishable all over again, but this time I wanted his eyes to see every detail.  Incapable of any participation my pleasure was watching his pleasingly large cock straining as it craved to be part of the action, but this not the domain of a pathetic (let alone a new) slave.  I fed it all of the way inside and opened my eyes so I could look deep into my slave’s eyes as he was forced to watch me bringing myself to an incredibly intense and prolonged climax as my hips thrashed around in sheer and total pleasure.   I removed the dildo and stood in front of my slave ordering him to “open wide” and laughed derisively as I lowered the object into his eager mouth while ordering him to lick every inch of the dildo to clean it of all my exquisite love juice.

“I could see that his cock had been somewhat indulged and was ready for my attention.  I said to him “Just think, my slave, I have the power to make you pleasure me in whatever way I see fit.  But this time due to your disobedience and, as a form of punishment, you will not have the honour of pleasing me at all.  In fact I am going to force you to empty your cock of all of its contents.  How would it feel my slave to be milked by my expert hand?”   His voice completely lost its composure and could only muster a pathetic gasping plea for me to relieve him of his mounting frustration.  I wasn’t prepared to leave things there.  “Bad boys must prove their worth if they wish to serve me again” I explained firmly.  “You will have to pass the 30 inch test”.  I went to my desk and took a ruler and some chalk.  I measured a distance of 30 inches from his feet and drew a chalk mark on the floor.  “When I milk you if you don’t achieve 30 inches then you are of no use to me in the future” I instructed.  I only like the company of real men.

“I proceeded to expertly masturbate his impressive shaft with one of my beautifully gloved hands.  A very erotic sight made more so by his intense masculine groaning as the moment of release drew near.  My grip tightened and my rhythm increased to encourage maximum release.  “I placed my other gloved hand onto his balls and gently squeezed to urge velocity.  He exploded with unrestrained gusto, his hips thrusting forward in exultation.  He powered his milk an extremely impressive distance of 5 feet.  This was a man I wanted to see again.

“Barely acceptable” I chastised.  “But I accept your apology although I will expect much better of you next time”.  I freed him and left the room instructing him to clear up his own mess and not to dare leave until everything was perfect and ready for my inspection.

“I liked this slave but he was never to know.”