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Blue Monday's Daring Blog


My audiences with Lady Sonia were not frequent but I longed for them.  She was a busy lady and getting a date for an ‘audience’ required patience.  It is of no surprise that, following my last intoxicating visit, I was desperate to see her again, but sadly this was not able to be arranged for a further three months.  I am greatly in debt to her that some years later she let me have a copy of her diary entries for my visits to her.  I still have them as they are pleasing evidence that she seemed to enjoy them as much as I did, although always in her capacity as my Mistress.  This status and hierarchy never changed and remains the reason why these encounters were so erotic and powerful.  Having someone so beautiful and powerful controlling your sexua ... [more]

The Milkman

“My humble slave ******.

I have just received your letter here this morning and I am pleased that you enjoyed your personal audience here last Friday and I am also pleased that you would like to serve me in person again; we will arrange this as soon as you think that you are ready.

Yes, you have started learning and I am sure that quite soon you will be able to serve me in the correct and fitting manner.

You will see that I have selected some very special photographs suited to this early stage of your training for you to study.  I have enclosed a very special photograph of me dressed in my absolutely skin-tight ‘backless’, black, shiny PVC skirt which shows off every inch of my divine bottom and also my stocking tops perfectly!

I have also selected a very spe ... [more]

Servitude - The Confessor

My ‘audience’ with Lady Sonia was arranged for a Friday afternoon in late May.  I drove all the way to a little village near Lincoln with an increasing sense of excitement, knowing that I was going into the complete unknown.  There was a sense of exhilaration at knowing that I was to be subservient to a woman of such feminine perfection and that I was to be forced to worship her on her terms.  Somehow I found the prospect of being completely subservient rivetingly alluring.  I was not out of my comfort zone as I knew how to look after myself, but I was willing to hand myself over to service this goddess.  I found the thought of being at Lady Sonia’s whim deeply arousing……

Immediately upon my arrival I knew I’d made the right ... [more]

Distance Learning

The reply was not long coming.  I had asked for some ‘personal training’ but also indicated that I was willing to consider anything else that might help prepare me for what might lie ahead.  The response was gratifying:

“Dear Prospective Slave *****

I have read your letter very carefully and yes I agree that a personal audience might be fitting in the near future but I will not be able to arrange this immediately (alterations to my play rooms, relatives staying etc!) but after things are a bit more back to normal we will see!  In the meantime I would suggest video training which would start you off on the right foot perfectly!  If you wish to do this just let me know and we will start from there.  To ease your disappointment I am enclosing som ... [more]

A Religious Conversion

I was now in my late 20’s and found an escape from my illicit sexual manoeuverings when I met a lovely girl from Lancashire at a work function and rather liked her.  She was a bundle of fun, intelligent, articulate and naughty.  She had a glint in her eye, was mystifyingly single and we got on like a house with flames coming out of the roof.  This was my first serious relationship and one which taught me lots of things about myself and about what I wanted (and what I didn’t).  She liked me and although we never moved in together we spent more and more time together.  She also liked sex.  Lots of it and often with an edge.  I remember one famous session where I covered her with trifle and spent a long time licking it off her whole body, concent ... [more]

Coupling Part II - The Confessor

The interview had gone well and I was contacted again soon after to confirm my new position.  Apparently I was to be given a few weeks off, but I was put on stand-by that my services would soon be required again and I was to stay in training.  Luckily I was playing football every weekend and was fit…….I needed to be.

A few weeks later I was contacted by Tony and asked if I was available to come and spend some more time at the palace.  Apparently Debbie was very keen to get to know me better.  The prospect was very pleasing and I was full of lustful anticipation.

The second meeting was even more intense than the first especially because after a drink downstairs I was invited to the conjugal bedroom which was as opulent as the capacious living room.  ... [more]

Coupling Pt1

I was slowly becoming more confident.  The things that had happened to date were so thrilling but they were definitely not the standard reference points for any man’s natural development into adulthood.  I had inadvertently stumbled into a world where the normal motivations for sex had become blurred by the sheer thrill and excitement of illicit, pre-planned sex in unusual and extremely erotic situations.  This had set rather a high bar and, in the high jump of life, the height only goes up as the competition intensifies………

Things were also progressing well career-wise.  I ran a number of successful campaigns and had been promoted.  I now had a company car and was much more flexible.  I was still incompetent at trying to form norma ... [more]

Sure Shot

I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to surpass my antics in Middle England.  There was a reflective glow of lurid excitement which enthralled me every time I thought back over these tumultuous events.  But like all animals one banquet, however replenishing, is never enough.  All it does is sharpen your appetite for another.

I had a number of unanswered letters to prospective lovers still in play.  I learned later that these advertisements sometimes garnered hundreds of replies.  Many immediately discarded, while a few were put into a holding pattern while all options were considered.  About half never received replies.  The majority of the remainder were polite refusals with only a very small percentage offering any hope of an illicit meeting.&nb ... [more]

Road Trip

The events of that momentous Friday night stayed with me for a long time.  At such a young age you don’t think that you might just have had the most exhilarating and sexually-charged night of your life.  It was certainly a high bar but, fuelled by the giddy excitement, I viewed it as only the start.  What was beyond dispute was that the adrenalin produced by such a hedonistic encounter was irresistible and addictive.  Whether this thrill was to damage my pure and normalised romantic sensibilities was not something to debate now.  Many years later I was to re-visit this, but at this juncture I was way too enthralled to resist further temptation.  I had experienced the irresistible appeal of sexual inhibition and it seemed way too alluring to let go now.

... [more]

The Silent Witness

To say I was excited was an understatement.  The mixture of excitement and adrenalin is always powerful, especially when you don’t know what’s going to happen next.  I truly had no idea where this was leading.  All I knew was that finding out was going to be fun.  Little did I know what lay ahead.

We moved away from the counter and settled in the middle of the throng of drinkers who occupied the main bar while holding our drinks.  There were no seats so we stood facing each other closely hemmed in by people on all sides.  This proved to be beneficial (and I suspect deliberate) as we were pressed closely together.  I was engulfed by her sweet scent and was aware of a certain conductivity that flowed between us.  Eye contact, flesh contac ... [more]


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