Blue Monday's Daring Blog

Blue Monday's Daring Blog

Captivity (Pt 2)

When she left I wasn’t sure if this was just a ruse to test my fortitude.  But as the minutes ticked by I realised that this was for real, Lady Sonia had left me a restrained captive in her dungeon and I had no idea when she’d be back.  Luckily, she had slackened off some of the restraints before she left but I was still bound to the saddle on the podium right in the middle of the room with a collar round my neck which was connected to a leash which stretched down to a tight harness which was fastened to my c***and b*** So, every time I raised my head the sheath lifted my c*** into an erect position.  If I moved my head up and down repetitively it had the effect of masturbation.  Not that my c*** need much arousing as, being surrounded by many implements of ... [more]


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