Blue Monday's Daring Blog

Blue Monday's Daring Blog

Distance Learning

I became more proficient at letter writing.  I concentrated on the detail that was relevant and wrote with more confidence.  I was earnest, honest and descriptive.  I never tried to be someone I wasn’t and at least I could spell.  I reckoned this counted for something, even if my hand-writing was still that of a retarded spider.  To be honest this was probably my downfall and explained why I never had any replies.  A man shouldn’t be judged on his hand-writing alone, but there must have been some doubt about whether this man wasn’t under-age and still in the bottom grade of hand-writing school.  The enclosed photo, therefore, assumed massive importance.  This was something I never changed.  I was confident that looking very ple ... [more]

Just Swell...

After Annabel I needed to get my breath back.  Although, to be honest, I arrived home every evening hoping that there’d be a letter on the mat inviting me back to her ideal home.  But every night I was disappointed.  With more experience it became apparent that such encounters were fuelled by the illicit excitement of ‘sex with a stranger’.  Once you’d met for the first time you were never a stranger again.  One of life’s truisms… can only ever meet someone for the first time once.  After that it’s never the unknown again.

I worked hard and loved my job.  Several months went by and it was summer.  I deserved a holiday.  Something never affordable before.  Some friends booked a villa holiday ... [more]


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