Blue Monday's Daring Blog

Blue Monday's Daring Blog

The Confessort Part 18- Tea Dancing

I was now in my mid-20’s and probably at my peak.  Whatever that means.  I was well over six feet tall, athletic, dark blond hair, blue eyes, strong, toned and had been worshipped by the sun for nearly 18 months.  I wasn’t an Adonis but I was about as physically refined as I was ever going to be.  I was also more confident and reassured than previously.  My time in school, university, employment and now on the road had given me a quiet confidence and some presence.  I was still insecure about my looks, but I knew I could get by……..All of which was about to pay dividends…..I was about to win the lottery.  Luckily I’d remembered to tick the box for no publicity.

I was staying in an isolated hotel right on one of the ... [more]

The Confessor - The Erotic Blog - London Escorts

After two years of being a brand manager for an international confectionery company the novelty was wearing thin.  Selecting the best centres for boxes of chocolates for sale in Nigeria was beginning to lose its appeal.  Nougat, montelimar, marzipan, nut brittle, coffee cream or toffee surprise?  A tough choice, but not one that I had the patience for any more.  I felt the need to spread my wings and see the world; a restless soul.  I wanted change, to expand my horizons and set myself free.  

I resigned and embarked on a life-changing trip to Australia.  Having an Australian parent made the choice easy.  It meant that half of my family lived Down Under and were very welcoming.  A long way to go, but an easy transition.  For the first tim ... [more]


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