Blue Monday's Daring Blog

Blue Monday's Daring Blog

The Ideal Home Show

I arrived back home after 18 months away. Life was hard. I was very unsettled and had wanderlust. The excitement of new experiences every day, a nirvana lifestyle and an outdoor tropical existence had changed my outlook. Being back in the UK didn’t seem attractive from any angle. I had no job, no money and my sun tan was fading fast. I was miserable. I dreamed of flying 12,000 miles back to where I’d just come back from every day for 6 months. I had it bad. Really bad.

I gave myself until September to get a job that would excite me enough to compensate for what I’d left behind. I was living back in the family home and, hard as everyone tried to help me settle back into my previous life, I had grown up and changed. I really struggled to find myself. I felt like a lost so ... [more]


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