Blue Monday's Daring Blog

Blue Monday's Daring Blog

A Religious Conversion

I was now in my late 20’s and found an escape from my illicit sexual manoeuverings when I met a lovely girl from Lancashire at a work function and rather liked her.  She was a bundle of fun, intelligent, articulate and naughty.  She had a glint in her eye, was mystifyingly single and we got on like a house with flames coming out of the roof.  This was my first serious relationship and one which taught me lots of things about myself and about what I wanted (and what I didn’t).  She liked me and although we never moved in together we spent more and more time together.  She also liked sex.  Lots of it and often with an edge.  I remember one famous session where I covered her with trifle and spent a long time licking it off her whole body, concent ... [more]


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