Blue Monday's Daring Blog

Blue Monday's Daring Blog

Here endeth the lesson...

My next tutorial was moved from the sofa to the bedroom. A reward for achievement. Good grades. My teacher wanted more room to spread out. More room for me to spread her out. Upon arrival she still wore the little business suit that gave her the authority of senior management. This time, though, high heeled boots. Suited and booted. My mistress. Perhaps encouraged by upmarket bed linen or as a sign of the shifting sands of time, she changed into her birthday suit. All my birthdays coming at once. All or nothing. For now it was all. But nothing was close.

I was now less innocent and in awe than I was at the start of these masterclasses. I had a certain confidence that came with familiarity. I was still besotted and extremely obedient but I occasionally took the initiative. From bottom of ... [more]


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