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The reply was not long coming.  I had asked for some ‘personal training’ but also indicated that I was willing to consider anything else that might help prepare me for what might lie ahead.  The response was gratifying:

“Dear Prospective Slave *****

I have read your letter very carefully and yes I agree that a personal audience might be fitting in the near future but I will not be able to arrange this immediately (alterations to my play rooms, relatives staying etc!) but after things are a bit more back to normal we will see!  In the meantime I would suggest video training which would start you off on the right foot perfectly!  If you wish to do this just let me know and we will start from there.  To ease your disappointment I am enclosing some photos to help you to acclimatise to my beauty. 

Your Mistress

Lady Sonia”

There was something rather thrilling about this.  It sounded as if I would soon be able to meet this temptress in person.  She had ‘play rooms’!  Video ‘training’ implied films of a potentially furtive and stimulating nature with verbal instructions possibly included.  And I had a Mistress.  Not that I really understood what this meant, but I had an idea that it might be connected to a power exchange where I no longer had control.  I was to be subservient to a beautiful femme fatale who clearly felt she had a body that deserved to be worshipped……and I wasn’t arguing, especially because she sent me some photos. 

Oh the photos!………Her writing hinted about her perfectly formed body, the compelling shape of her contours, the silkiness of her skin, the shape of her delicate feet when encased in buckled stilettos etc etc.  The evidence was that she was even more irresistible than even she could describe.  There was a powerful sexual allure about every part of her perfect body which was exemplified by the enticing and beckoning look of her crystal eyes.  Perhaps most arousing of all (to me at least) was her wardrobe which had clearly been selected from a very –up-market BDSM catalogue.  Tight leather, encrusted straps, seamed stockings, exotic heels and accentuated make-up to complete her flowing chestnut hair which cascaded down her back.  In several photos she was carrying accessories chosen to accentuate the image of power – a crop held firmly in two hands, a mask dangling ominously from a hand with elaborately manicured fingernails and a collar being presented to the camera as if to order that it must be worn to signify a symbolic sense of female ownership.  Then there were her nipples.  In her original letter she had implied that they were unusually large when stimulated.  The photos left no doubt they were like organ stops and must have been almost a centimetre in length.  She was indeed female perfection and the net effect was a realisation that she had every right to be worshipped.  I was entranced.     

I replied hurriedly acceding freely to the need for video training.  Her reply arrived quickly and comprised of 16 pages of A4 paper packed full of carefully typed instructions which made up my first VERY special postal training course.  It started with a personal note to me:

“My Dear Slave *****

There will be a couple of days delay with your video lesson no 1 due to a problem with my camera so in the meantime I am sending you a first postal lesson free of charge and the video will be sent as soon as possible as I do not like delays.  You will also be pleased to hear that my playroom will be ready for action from the end of this coming week with a little luck!”

It then explained some background:

“This is your first lesson in my VERY special postal training course so there are a few points that are very important to establish before we even begin!  As this is the beginning of your training we will only skim over some of the subjects briefly as it is MOST important first to learn something about ME, your new Mistress, and some of the duties that a slave is expected to be able to carry out.  Firstly it is important that you understand that I am not like any other ‘so-called’ Mistress you have ever seen or read about before because I am a VERY superior lady, a Dominatrix by nature and I am FULLY skilled in ALL subjects. 

To me there are two types of submissive male at the outset, those who have visited a Mistress before and those that have just begun to develop an interest in Fem/Dom and have only so far thought of visiting a Mistress.  There are many pitfalls to answering an advert in a contact magazine, 99 times out of 100 you will be sent back a short, scribbled note with just a telephone number to ring which is answered by ‘an old tart’ who is more interested in relieving submissive males of their money than delivering the true art of REAL fem/dom.  If this is the type of Female that you wish to serve then this is fine by me but you will soon see that I am about something a little more than this.  I am only interested in the REAL and total experience so unless this is what you seek then I am of no use to you at all!  First of all I would NEVER dream of having the FULL use of a slave for just a miserable 30 minutes, what use would that be to me?  I am only interested in ‘personal audiences’ not hurried visits.  My personal audiences last for at least 3 hours because I am a REAL Lady and the most important thing to me is that I get FULL satisfaction and I can only get that by using a slave FULLY.  Yes, I am a VERY special and VERY exclusive Lady and it is important that you understand that money is far from my priority.  But I will only agree to such a ‘session’ when we BOTH agree that you are ready.  Of course some slaves do not want to ever have a personal audience, all they seek is postal and video training which is fine by me; this is entirely up to each and every individual slave that I decide is lucky enough to be allowed the benefit of my experience! 

Before we begin you will find a quiet and private place to read what I have written as well as a suitable time of day when you will not be disturbed as you must pay FULL attention and do EVERYTHING that I tell you to do so that you learn properly without any interruptions!  I think we are now ready.


The lesson then began in such beguiling and compelling detail that I knew I was in good hands; in fact I spent hours reading and then re-reading the instructions in a considerable state of excitement which often threated to become ‘over-excitement’.  The instructions started by advising me, now a prospective slave, to lay out the pictures that my new Mistress had so kindly provided so that they all were visible.  These were to be used as reference material in matters connected to “worshipping the Female body in the manner that I expect and, more important than just any Female body, you are going to learn to worship MY perfect body.”

Needless to say this wasn’t hard.  Though, something else was permanently as I read though the many pages of instructions.  Subjects ranged from the importance of spike-heeled stilettos as “They allow Ladies to move, stand and walk with grace and style as well as shaping the legs, thrusting out the bottom and bust which is essential for any Female who wishes to show off her perfect figure no matter what she is wearing.”  To the allure of lovely long legs “That looked SUPERB in everything from black silk seamed stockings, micro skirts, long split dresses right through to skin tight latex or leather trousers which are so tight and so perfectly fitting that they even show off the crease of my bottom and the outer lips of my sacred vagina.”  There were sections on the allure of her divine bottom, her slim waist, her perfectly rounded breasts and her huge brown nipples.  Apparently “When slaves worship me in person I make sure that they are totally captivated visually by my divine bottom as I get changed into and parade before them dressed in some of my most breath-taking clothes and lingerie.”  To say I was in a state of considerable desire and unrequited lust was a considerable understatement.

This was made much worse by the instructions which followed concerning one of the requirements for worshipping a REAL lady.  “To learn how to worship a REAL lady orally is a task all on its own and a skill that must be perfected by ALL slaves both male and Female.”   Apparently this was a definitive skill that required special training.  “I like to amuse myself by using a slaves face as a seat and DEMAND that he worships me orally as I press down upon him HARD!  As the slave lies upon his back on the floor or on a bench put so tightly into bondage that he cannot move a single muscle then I like to stand over him facing his pathetic little cock with my long, sharp, spiky heels on either side of his head as I slowly remove my tight little panties, then he is forced to watch as I slowly lower myself down onto his face.  As I start to lower myself my knees spread COMPLETELY revealing my sacred sex and my tight little bum hole to him and as I get closer and closer I can see the anticipation on the slave’s face.  Then I use my expert hands to pull the cheeks of my divine bottom open sitting down HARD and ORDERING the slave to go about his task properly or he will be punished SEVERELY.”

By the time I reached the section on ‘Behaviour and Etiquette’ I knew I was prepared to do anything to meet this imperious Mistress.  The fact that “Certain standards of behaviour” were required if you were lucky enough to be selected for an audience and that “Disappointing or annoying your Mistress would incur SEVERE punishment” did not dull my enthusiasm one jot.  I was totally infatuated by her words and was suddenly a big fan of distance learning……I also knew that I was about to willingly and indubitably subject myself to slavery……….


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