Blue Monday's Daring Blog

Blue Monday's Daring Blog

Distance Learning

I became more proficient at letter writing.  I concentrated on the detail that was relevant and wrote with more confidence.  I was earnest, honest and descriptive.  I never tried to be someone I wasn’t and at least I could spell.  I reckoned this counted for something, even if my hand-writing was still that of a retarded spider.  To be honest this was probably my downfall and explained why I never had any replies.  A man shouldn’t be judged on his hand-writing alone, but there must have been some doubt about whether this man wasn’t under-age and still in the bottom grade of hand-writing school.  The enclosed photo, therefore, assumed massive importance.  This was something I never changed.  I was confident that looking very ple ... [more]

Just Swell...

After Annabel I needed to get my breath back.  Although, to be honest, I arrived home every evening hoping that there’d be a letter on the mat inviting me back to her ideal home.  But every night I was disappointed.  With more experience it became apparent that such encounters were fuelled by the illicit excitement of ‘sex with a stranger’.  Once you’d met for the first time you were never a stranger again.  One of life’s truisms… can only ever meet someone for the first time once.  After that it’s never the unknown again.

I worked hard and loved my job.  Several months went by and it was summer.  I deserved a holiday.  Something never affordable before.  Some friends booked a villa holiday ... [more]

The Ideal Home Show

I arrived back home after 18 months away. Life was hard. I was very unsettled and had wanderlust. The excitement of new experiences every day, a nirvana lifestyle and an outdoor tropical existence had changed my outlook. Being back in the UK didn’t seem attractive from any angle. I had no job, no money and my sun tan was fading fast. I was miserable. I dreamed of flying 12,000 miles back to where I’d just come back from every day for 6 months. I had it bad. Really bad.

I gave myself until September to get a job that would excite me enough to compensate for what I’d left behind. I was living back in the family home and, hard as everyone tried to help me settle back into my previous life, I had grown up and changed. I really struggled to find myself. I felt like a lost so ... [more]

The Chinese Lottery - The Confessor - Part 19

Crestfallen, but not entirely surprised, I walked back to my hotel through the woods.  I was feeling the victim of a Chinese game of dares.  I guessed that I was just an amusement.  It would have taken something extraordinary for anything to happen with a group of four friends.  Who would have broken ranks and made a move?  For some reason I felt sad, but I was a realist.  I went to bed still feeling a little disappointed and fell into a fitful sleep.

I have no idea how long I was asleep.  Possibly not long.  What I was certain of was that the hotel phone by the bed was ringing.  In my somnolent state I managed to pluck the receiver from the base and mumbled a hello.  A chirpy female Chinese lady asked if I was OK and whether I’d li ... [more]

The Confessort Part 18- Tea Dancing

I was now in my mid-20’s and probably at my peak.  Whatever that means.  I was well over six feet tall, athletic, dark blond hair, blue eyes, strong, toned and had been worshipped by the sun for nearly 18 months.  I wasn’t an Adonis but I was about as physically refined as I was ever going to be.  I was also more confident and reassured than previously.  My time in school, university, employment and now on the road had given me a quiet confidence and some presence.  I was still insecure about my looks, but I knew I could get by……..All of which was about to pay dividends…..I was about to win the lottery.  Luckily I’d remembered to tick the box for no publicity.

I was staying in an isolated hotel right on one of the ... [more]

The Confessor - The Erotic Blog - London Escorts

After two years of being a brand manager for an international confectionery company the novelty was wearing thin.  Selecting the best centres for boxes of chocolates for sale in Nigeria was beginning to lose its appeal.  Nougat, montelimar, marzipan, nut brittle, coffee cream or toffee surprise?  A tough choice, but not one that I had the patience for any more.  I felt the need to spread my wings and see the world; a restless soul.  I wanted change, to expand my horizons and set myself free.  

I resigned and embarked on a life-changing trip to Australia.  Having an Australian parent made the choice easy.  It meant that half of my family lived Down Under and were very welcoming.  A long way to go, but an easy transition.  For the first tim ... [more]

Upstairs, downstairs...

I started work in the September.  By December I had a flat in an affluent suburb of west London which I shared with two friends and my adult life started.  Days of routine.  Nights of structure.  A life of discipline and responsibility.  Financially things were tight.  But there was a sense of independence and of growing up.  I found trying to come to terms with the understanding that everything I had worked so conscientiously for had led to this.  Everything seemed overly-structured, rather too serious and lacked spontaneity.  However, I was better off than many and felt duty-bound to accept my lot.  At least for now. 

I stayed fit by running around the streets of London and, at weekends, played football for my regular team and enjo ... [more]

Part 15 - Glandular Fever

In July that year I graduated.  With honours no less.  My education complete in many guises.  In addition to Physical Fusion I was also an expert in Business Studies.  A Bachelor as always.

I was offered a job working in Marketing that started in mid-September.  To fill in the time and to further my education I decided to tour America.  A rucksack and me.  Coast to coast.  The promised land.  The star spangled.  Uncle Sam.  Liberty et all.  

The plan was to travel east to west via Greyhound buses staying south.  Possibly surprisingly, all went well.  Starting in Washington, I sped through Charlotte down into the swamps of Florida, across to jazzy New Orleans, west through the Deep South, the Grand Canyon, deep into T ... [more]

The rough with the smooth

While I knew deep down it was the end I wasn’t prepared to let it go easily. I waited. And waited. No letter announcing my next tutorial arrived. Days turned into months and eventually a year. My teacher had left the seat of learning without looking back. One day, lovelorn, I visited the block of flats. I waited outside not sure what to do. I stood at a safe distance knowing that an unexpected visitation would decimate whatever hope I had left. Nothing happened. No one arrived or departed. I was helpless. After 4 hours I gave up, but I had closure. One door closes and another opens. The rhythm of life.

Luckily my other, but much less stimulating, tutorials gathered pace and I was now in my last year as a student. I shared a house in a down market area of west London with four fello ... [more]

Here endeth the lesson...

My next tutorial was moved from the sofa to the bedroom. A reward for achievement. Good grades. My teacher wanted more room to spread out. More room for me to spread her out. Upon arrival she still wore the little business suit that gave her the authority of senior management. This time, though, high heeled boots. Suited and booted. My mistress. Perhaps encouraged by upmarket bed linen or as a sign of the shifting sands of time, she changed into her birthday suit. All my birthdays coming at once. All or nothing. For now it was all. But nothing was close.

I was now less innocent and in awe than I was at the start of these masterclasses. I had a certain confidence that came with familiarity. I was still besotted and extremely obedient but I occasionally took the initiative. From bottom of ... [more]


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