Blue Monday's Daring Blog

Blue Monday's Daring Blog

A Single Man in London Confesses All

A confession. I've been a naughty boy. Consistently. I feel guilty about not feeling guilty. No constitutional rules broken; maybe some moral codes. Probably not classifiable as good 'behaviour'. But God it's been fun.

I love women. Always have. Their shape, their radiance, their beauty, their charm, their allure, their needs. My needs. Perhaps mutual needs. The dream, yes, mutual needs.

There is no blame as such. Maybe some contributory factors. My parents decided that boarding school was best. Locked up with hormonally challenged teenage boys. No girls. No balance. Not normal.

My mother wore stockings. My first memory of her was in stockings. I was close to my Mum. I have always loved stockings. Stocking tops, suspenders, lingerie. Besotted. Intoxicated.

I have ne ... [more]